V-Play Plugins Documentation

Add leading third party services for ads, analytics and more to your apps & games, with V-Play Plugins.

Fast Forward Service Integration

There is no need to re-invent the wheel when integrating third party services and platform-specific functionality to your apps & games. V-Play Plugins save you weeks in comparison with in-house development, both during implementation and later on for maintaining and updating third-party libraries.

V-Play Plugins use native, platform-specific functionality, meaning that your app seamlessly integrates with existing platform experiences. They incorporate platform-specific human interface guidelines and follow best-practices down to the detail. For more information about V-Play Plugins visit https://v-play.net/plugins.

V-Play Plugin Demo App

This app is live in the stores to showcase the different plugins in use. You can simply download it in the following stores:

For more informations, visit the V-Play Plugin Demo App documentation page.

Available V-Play Plugins

This is a compact list of available plugins, for a better overview visit https://v-play.net/plugins.

AdMob Plugin

Integrate with AdMob to monetize and promote your apps & games with ads.

Chartboost Plugin

Integrate with Chartboost to monetize and cross-promote your games with ads.

Facebook Plugin

Integrate with Facebook to help you build engaging social apps and get more installs.

Flurry Plugin

Integrate with Flurry to get insights into your app's usage.

GameCenter Plugin

Integrate with GameCenter to send your games' highscores from V-Play Game Network to Apple Game Center on iOS devices.

Google Analytics Plugin

Integrate with Google Analytics to measure user interactions for your mobile and desktop apps.

GoogleCloudMessaging Plugin

Integrate with Google Cloud Messaging Push to send cross-platform push notifications and increase your users' engagement.

HockeyApp Plugin

Integrate with HockeyApp for beta distribution & crash reports.

Infinario Plugin

Integrate with Infinario to use game analytics for game designers to improve your game.

Notification Plugin

Schedule native local push notifications in your app.

OneSignal Plugin

Integrate with OneSignal Push to send cross-platform push notifications and increase your users' engagement.

Parse Plugin

Integrate with Parse Push to send cross-platform push notifications and increase your users' engagement.

Soomla Plugin

Integrate with Soomla to offer in-app purchases and a virtual economy model within your app.

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