GameCenter Plugin

Integrate with GameCenter to send your games' highscores from \vpgn to Apple Game Center on iOS devices.

Increase Engagement

Use Game Center to track your users' best scores on a leaderboard and compare their achievements. Configure \vpgn to automatically synchronize new highscores to Game Center.


Allow users to challenge their friends on a specific highscore within your game.


GameCenter plugin is a perfect extension to V-Play Game Network. You can configure V-Play Game Network to automatically synchronize new user highscores to Apple Game Center.

Note: The plugin currently only supports iOS-based devices.

The GameCenter plugin supports the following features:

  • Authentication: Allows players to create and access a Game Center account on iOS-based devices.
  • Leaderboards: Allows to post players' highscores to different leader boards and compare them to friends and to display high score lists within your game.
  • Achievements: Track a player's accomplishments in your game.

Example Usage

To try the GameCenter plugin or see an integration example have a look at the V-Play Plugin Demo app.

The following example shows how to integrate Game Center into your game. Usually you define one item within your GameWindow item and reference it with its id:

 import VPlay 2.0
 import VPlayPlugins 1.0

 GameWindow {

   GameCenter {
     id: gameCenter


Available QML Items


Integrate with GameCenter to send your games' highscores from V-Play Game Network to Apple Game Center on iOS devices


To use the GameCenter plugin you need to add the platform-specific native libraries to your project, described here:

iOS Integration Steps

  1. Add the following lines of code to your .pro file:
     ios {
       VPLAY_PLUGINS += gamecenter
  2. Create a provisioning profile with Game Center enabled at the Apple Developer Account website.
  3. Make sure to add a new application to iTunes Connect and configure your Game Center leaderboards and achievements.

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