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#1easiest to learn

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V-Play was ranked #1 at research2guidance cross-platform tool benchmarking by 2188 developers comparing 40 leading tools, including Unity, Xamarin and Corona.

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Creating cross-platform games has never been faster and easier. It's your turn to create the next big hit!

Use our open-source demo games and tutorials for the most common game genres:

  • Card Game
    Card Game
    like UNO, Hearthstone or Poker
  • Match-3
    like Candy Crush Saga
  • Puzzle
    like 2048 or Threes!
  • Casino
    like Big Win Slots
  • Side Scroller
    Side Scroller
    like Jetpack Joyride or Flappy Bird
  • Tower Defense
    Tower Defense
    like Castle Defense or Bloons TD
  • Falldown & Jump
    Falldown & Jump
    like Doodle Jump or Mega Jump
  • Platformer
    like Super Mario or Lep's World
  • Action
    like Angry Birds, Fruit Ninja, Cut the Rope
  • Arcade
    like Arkanoid or Space Invaders
  • Community
    like Super Mario Maker or Minecraft

Develop Games

V-Play provides you with the tools to create the next generation of stunning, feature-rich Apps.

We use the power of Qt, the leading cross-platform framework used by over 1,000,000 developers, and greatly enhance it for mobile devices.

  • Native look and feel
  • Auto-adapting UI
  • Powerful and flexible animations
  • Native device features
  • Sensors & Location
  • Rich multimedia content
  • Networking
  • Ads & In-app purchases
  • Analytics

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Voted #1 for:

  • Easiest to learn
  • Most time saving
  • Best support

Develop Cross-Platform Apps and Games 50% Faster!

  • Voted the best supported, most time-saving and easiest to learn cross-platform development tool
  • Based on the Qt framework, with native performance and appearance on all platforms including iOS and Android
  • Offers a variety of plugins to monetize, analyze and engage users
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create games
cross platform
native performance
3rd party services
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level editor
easiest to learn
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best support