V-Play Apps Documentation

V-Play Apps is a QML module for developing feature-rich, cross-platform apps with the native look and feel of the underlying platform. It is part of the V-Play SDK.

Supported Platforms

Mobile iOS Version 10.0 and above (arm64 architecture and simulator)
Android Version 4.1 ("Jelly Bean") and above (armv5, armv7a and x86 architectures)
Phone / RT Devices running Windows RT 10 and Windows Phone 10 or later
Desktop macOS 64-bit Apple macOS 10.10 and later
Windows 32- or 64-bit Microsoft Windows 7 or later
Linux 32- or 64-bit Linux Ubuntu 12.04, 12.10, 13.04 & 13.10 or OpenSuse 12
Embedded Raspberry Pi and iMX6 (contact us for more information about these platforms)

V-Play applications are written in QML code. QML is a declarative language provided by the Qt framework that makes it easy to create stylish, custom user interfaces with smooth transitions and animations. In addition QML components can be linked with C++ code, allowing you to implement more complex functionality and access third-party framework integrations.

V-Play Apps makes it possible to write cross-platform apps that:

  • save time implementing cross-platforms apps from a single code base on a single development platform
  • provide a default native look & feel, so that they fit in with the visual style and user experience of the underlying mobile platform
  • add easily implemented, powerful animations thanks to Qt Quick
  • are fully customizable through a global Theme component which can be used to change colors, fonts and other attributes from a single point in code
  • make use of platform-specific features when integrating custom C++ code (or platform-specific code like Objective-C on iOS or Java on Android)

Get Started



Download the latest SDK from v-play.net/download/ and install it. You may need to register for V-Play first. Registration is completely free and only takes a minute.

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The SDK comes with a feature-packed IDE called Qt Creator. Open it from your installation and create your first V-Play application starting with one of our provided project wizards.

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Browse through our documentation and our Getting Started guide to learn how to create your custom app with V-Play Apps components. You can also have a look at our provided examples and demos found in your V-Play installation.

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API Documentation

V-Play Apps includes components for developing cross-platform apps with a native look and feel to interfaces and user experience patterns.

In addition to V-Play Apps you most probably will also make use of components from the Qt Quick module provided by the Qt framework.

The current release of V-Play Apps is based on Qt 5 and QtQuick 2.

Writing Applications with V-Play Apps

QML and Qt Quick Documentation

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