• Free Game Graphics

    16 Sites to Download the Best Free Game Graphics in 2018!

    By Michael July 12, 2018

    If you need some free graphics for your game, where do you look? Browsing through tilesets, textures and sprites can take up a lot of your time, time that could be used improving your game. To help you out, we’ve put in the legwork and tracked down the best free assets on the internet. All of these websites offer image …

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  • v-play-release-2-18-0-qt-5-11-1

    Release 2.18.0: Update to Qt 5.11.1 with QML Compiler and Massive Performance Improvements

    By Alex August 9, 2018

    V-Play 2.18.0 adds support for Qt 5.11.1, with all features, improvements and fixes. Major changes to the QML compiler pipeline and QML engine boost the performance of your apps and games. The Qt Quick Compiler is now also available with the open source Qt version. This update also adds several improvements and fixes to V-Play app and game components. Improved …

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  • Teaser-VPlayCppQML

    How to Expose a Qt C++ Class with Signals and Slots to QML

    By GT July 19, 2018

    Application Development with QML is simple and powerful. But Qt C++ can be more performant, offers many features and is less error-prone. This post shows you how to create apps that take advantage of both languages. How to Communicate between C++ and QML Advantages of Coding in QML When to Use C++ Instead How to Access a C++ Object from …

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  • vplay-2-17-1-qt-3d-plugin-doc-live-reloading-and-more

    Release 2.17.1: Use Qt 3D with Live Reloading and Test Plugin Code Examples from Browser

    By Alex July 17, 2018

    V-Play 2.17.1 adds a long list of improvements and fixes. You can now also use 3D components with live code reloading in your apps and games. The plugin documentation now includes the example run button. Use it to test code examples for ads, Firebase and more from the browser on your mobile device. You can also learn how to make …

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  • vplay-2-17-0-firebase-cloud-storage-downloadable-resources-and-more

    Release 2.17.0: Firebase Cloud Storage, Downloadable Resources at Runtime and Native File Access on All Platforms

    By Alex June 12, 2018

    V-Play 2.17.0 introduces Firebase Cloud Storage to store local files in the cloud easily & fast. You can use it to create photo or document sharing apps without any server-side code, or even the next Facebook? It also adds downloadable resources at runtime to reduce initial package size, or to load specific resources only on demand. FileUtils give you convenient …

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  • piskel art-how to make pixel art

    Make Pixel Art: The 10 Best Tools for Developers in 2018

    By Michael May 24, 2018

    2D Sprites are the visual building blocks of almost all mobile games and the pixel art style that has become synonymous with video games is still a popular choice amongst game developers today. With pixel art and 2D sprites, you can quickly animate your game objects and create a dynamic viewing experience for your players. Knowing how to work with …

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  • How to Support the iPhone X Notch or Android P Display Cutouts in your Mobile App

    How to Handle Safe Area Insets, Notch & Display Cutout for iPhone X, iPad X and Android P

    By GT May 17, 2018

    More and more mobile devices feature a notch (or display cutout, as it is called on Android). To handle this little monster, mobile app developers now face many new challenges. The trend is spreading fast and many manufacturers already announced new 2018 models with edge-to-edge screens. For example with Android P devices like Essential Phone, OnePlus 6, Oppo R15 Pro, …

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  • vplay-update-2.16.1-live-client-module-live-code-reloading-custom-cpp

    Release 2.16.1: Live Code Reloading with Custom C++ and Native Code for Qt

    By Alex May 8, 2018

    You want to use QML live code reloading to develop your application and you have custom C++ code? V-Play version 2.16.1 introduces the Live Client Module. You can use it to add QML live reloading features to your own application. This release also adds an important change for iOS app publishing, as well as other fixes and improvements. Create Mobile …

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  • mobileappideas

    Mobile App Ideas: 6 Sources That Will Make You Think!

    By Michael May 7, 2018

    Mobile app ideas are a curious commodity. Some seem destined for glory before they’re even executed. Others take time to mature and need refinement the whole way through the development process. The ideas themselves can come from a number of places. For some developers, ideas fall from the sky like apples dropping from a tree. For others, it takes a …

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  • Release 2.16.0: iPhone X Support and Runtime Screen Orientation Changes

    Release 2.16.0: iPhone X Support and Runtime Screen Orientation Changes

    By GT April 10, 2018

    V-Play 2.16.0 adds support for devices with notches like iPhone X. This allows to create mobile apps or games that look good on all modern devices and screens. With this update you can also change the screen orientation of your app at runtime. V-Play 2.16.0 comes with many improvements and fixes and is free to use. Why You Should Update …

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