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  • Create your game for mobile, tablet & desktop from a single codebase
  • Monetize your game with cross-platform IAP, ads & a level store
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Code Less. Enjoy Native Performance.

Save time & money

Save up to 60% code compared to other cross-platform game engines thanks to powerful property bindings. Develop your games within days in a declarative way with QML & JavaScript with native performance.

Full Sample Games Included

Build your own games rapidly based on 12+ sample games for the most successful genres like tower defense, platform games or puzzle games.

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Code Once, Run on All Devices

Code your game once for multiple resolutions and device types like smartphones, tablets or desktop PCs & Macs.

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Rapid Game Development
within days

Increase Player Retention & Downloads

It's hard to keep your players returning to your game and to get to the top charts. That's why V-Play offers these benefits to increase player retention and boost your game's downloads, being the first mover for cross-platform user-generated content:

In-Game Level Editor

Add user-generated content in your mobile games easily, both beneficial to you and your players. The customizable level editor is a key benefit throughout your game's lifecycle:

  • Cut development time with in-game level creation, balancing and testing, while your game is running!
  • Let your players create their own levels on their mobiles and share them with others. This means constant level updates for your players and saves your time for additional level packs.
  • V-Play allows you to reward your best level creators easily – this in turn brings you new downloads and a free & effective marketing channel, as the most passionate level creators brag about their new levels.
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V-Play Game Network

Benefit from V-Play Game Network - Made by game developers, for game developers. Integrate V-Play Game Network in ten minutes to connect players of your game worldwide:

  • Cross-Platform leaderboards, achievements and challenges to bring new gamers to your game and keep them playing
  • V-Play Game Network is fully connected with Facebook and Game Center for a maximum reach with a single API - Highscores and achievements are posted to both game services to increase the visibility of your game
  • Offline Usage, cloud sync, a fully customizable UI and a lot more make this the best cross-platform service for your games
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Increase Player Retention
with user-generated content

Install Your Game by Simply Scanning a QR Code

Your Game is Just a Scan Away

Take the pain out of installing native SDKs and compiling your game for every single target platform.

Instead let V-Play Build Server build your game for iOS & Android and install it with a simple QR code scan in less than a minute. This also allows you to test your game on iOS without a Mac!

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Work like a Pro with Qt Creator IDE

V-Play comes complete with premium Qt Creator IDE, featuring a GUI-designer, debugger, profiler, code completion, support for version control and integrated docs for V-Play components.

Qt Creator is cross-platform too, allowing you to choose your favorite development system, whether it's Windows, Mac OS X or Linux.

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Easy Device Deployment
thanks to V-Play Build Server

Effectively Monetize Your Games

Monetize With Cross-Platform In-App Purchases, Ads & Analytics

Integrate in-app purchases & advertisement frameworks like Google AdMob once in your code to monetize your game across platforms with the same API calls.

Include Flurry to steadily improve your games with analytics.

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Monetize Your User-Generated Levels with a Level Store

Use the future of game monetization, ready today with V-Play: monetize the user-generated levels with in-app purchases.

You can charge for the levels made by your players and reward your best level creators with the V-Play level store, easily integrated and customized in your game.

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Monetize Your Games
with IAPs, ads & a level store

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V-Play allowed us to bring our existing Symbian games developed with QML to Android and BlackBerry 10 in less than a week! Not only we got a strong platform to port our games, but also got a professional Support from the V-Play team that eases our mission. I am really glad we found this game engine, because working with QtQuick and JavaScript is a huge time-saver and we can now create new games rapidly. Nour Khrais, CEO Maysalward
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Remember those dark nights spent terrified of monsters under the bed? Well now it's time to strike back!

This open-source tower defense game features Ads, In-App purchases, Leaderboards, Achievements, Level Editor and Level Sharing via the Level Store.

It is powered by the V-Play Game Network.

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Stack And Friends

Stack as many boxes as fast as you can in this physics-based action game!

This open-source game features an in-game Level Editor where players create their own levels.

Level Sharing, Leaderboards & Achievements powered by V-Play Game Network.

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Chicken Outbreak 2

Chicken Outbreak 2

The chicken needs your help again, try to escape the henhouse without touching the ground!

It is open-source and comes with cross-platform leaderboards & achievements, powered by V-Play Game Network as well as in-app purchases and interstitial ads.

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Chicken Outbreak

Chicken Outbreak

Help the chicken escape from the hen house without touching the ground!

Chicken Outbreak is retro falldown game similar to Doodle Jump or Fall Down: Elemental.

It is open-source and comes with cross-platform leaderboards & achievements, powered by V-Play Game Network.

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Making a game with V-Play saves you so much time, because you can add Particle-effects, animations and a level editor very easily. Thanks to great support of V-Play(answering questions within hours, applying hotfixes within one day) it was a real pleasure to make a game and fill it with lots of content. Because of these reasons we could create a prototype within a few days and we were able to polish the game, so that we could release it after only one month. Christian Bartsch
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Crazy Elephant

Development with V-Play was great, as you get results in no time which motivates to polish and publish your app. The key advantage is the cross-platform support: we did not need to make any source code adaptions and were able to publish to iOS and Android without any extra effort. Philipp Jahoda
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Games built with V-Play


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