V-Play Live

The easiest cross-platform live code reloading, with just a single click.

V-Play Live helps you boost your development speed, by reloading your project simultaneously on every connected device, within seconds after saving changes to your source code. This reduces the long waiting times for compilation and deployment steps, to only a couple of seconds. You can even test your projects on mobile, without installing native mobile SDKs, only by installing the V-Play Live App on your device.


Start V-Play Live


V-Play Live is available with V-Play version 2.14.0 and above. If you are running an older version, please update your V-Play installation.

You can start V-Play Live for your active project, by clicking on the LIVE-Run button in Qt Creator.


Connect Live Clients

A local client is started automatically.
If you want to connect your mobile devices, download and start the V-Play Live App for Android or iOS.

The Live Server will now ask you to accept the Live Client connection.


That's it!

Once you have connected a Live Client, your project is automatically loaded in your Live Client. Every change to your source code will now be shown in real-time on any connected Live Client, as soon as you safe your file.

Note: V-Play Live is using your local network, please make sure that all your devices are connected to the same local network.

  • V-Play Live Features

    1-Click cross-platform live code reloading.

    Deploy and Test in Seconds

    Re-building your project usually takes some time, for mobile platforms it can even take several minutes, depending on your development machine performance. With V-Play Live, this time is reduced to a couple of seconds. Your code changes are deployed to all connected devices, automatically after saving.

    Easy Setup

    Setting up V-Play Live is as easy as it gets. For local live reload on your development machine, everything comes ready-to-use, with the V-Play SDK. For connecting mobile devices, just download and install the V-Play Live App for Android or iOS. For more information, look at the Setup tab on the left.

    iOS Deployment from Windows

    With V-Play Live, you can test your V-Play projects on your iPhone and iPad, even from Windows. You don't need to install any mobile SDKs to test your projects on Android or iOS.

    Debug Log Output

    The Live Server will display debug log output from any connected client, each within a distinct tab. This makes debugging issues on different platforms even easier.

    Your Source Code is Safe

    V-Play Live works simple and safe, using your private local network. The Live Server can be started with one click from Qt Creator, and is running locally on your development machine. You can connect your mobile devices using the Live Client app, available for Android and iOS. Your project files are transferred directly from your server to the clients. without ever leaving the local network.

    Test V-Play Plugins Easy

    V-Play Plugins usually involve some simple steps setup steps. With V-Play Live, you can even skip those steps, and get a quick sneak-peak on using our plugins for ads, Facebook and more.

  • V-Play Live Setup

    In case something does not work for you.


    V-Play Live uses your local network to communicate between your development machine (Live Server) and your connected devices (Live Clients). We are using a direct point-to-point TCP connection, to transfer your source code safely from the server to the client. In order for this to work, both your development machine and your connected devices must be connected to the same local area network.

    Mobile Client

    If you want to connect your mobile devices, download and start the V-Play Live App for Android or iOS. After starting the mobile app, the server will ask you to accept the connection request.

  • V-Play Live Limitations

    We are working full-steam to improve this new feature.

    V-Play Plugins

    Not all V-Play Plugins for 3rd party services can be tested using V-Play Live, some plugins will have limited or no functionality. We will compile a full list with tips on using V-Play Plugins together with V-Play Live soon.

    Custom C++ and Native Code

    V-Play Live is using the flexibility of the QML engine, to reload the project's QML code. If your project contains custom C++ or native code, you can build custom V-Play Live clients, by adding a small code snippet to your project. Please contact support@v-play.net if you need this urgent. We will create a guide for this soon.

    macOS and Linux

    Our first release of V-Play Live is only available on Windows. We are extending the supported platforms to macOS and Linux shortly.

    Critical Exceptions

    Your project is loaded using the Qt QML Engine. If this fails, e.g. due to syntax errors, the Live Client will display an error screen and you can examine the log output in the Live Server to find the issue. However it is possible to create critical errors e.g. an endless loop, that will cause an application to crash/stall. Such errors will then also crash your Live Client, and you will need to start the Live Client again. The Live Server will not be affected by such errors.

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