Release 2.10.1: V-Play Apps, TexturePacker & Qt 5.8 Improvements

By Michael

V-Play 2.10.1 is now available as a free update to all V-Play developers. It improves the OpenGL shader implementation on macOS when using Texturepacker and makes V-Play more compatible with Qt 5.8!

The update includes a number of improvements for both app and game developers. The highlights include improved connectivity, accurate tablet detection and a more stable Qt Creator.

The update also includes a number of fixes for V-Play Apps components and resolves an issue with Spine animations on Windows Phone and Win RT platforms.

New V-Play developers can sign-up now and get the tool for free!

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V-Play App & Game Improvements

Improved Connectivity

Get V-Play 2.10.1 now and you can detect the isOnline network connectivity state in your apps and games.

This property lets you quickly check to see whether your app or game is correctly connected to an internet connection.

The update also fixes a possible issue on iOS and macOS that blocked the network access of the application after turning Wifi off and on again.

Improved Tablet Detection

V-Play 2.10.1 updates the diameterinches calculation for GameWindow and App, which provides more accurate tablet detection. The threshold for setting tablet  to <true> also increases to 5.3. This prevents tablet layout detection on bigger phones like the iPhone 7 Plus.

Improved TexturePacker Integration & Spine Fix

TexturePacker lets you manage your game’s spritesheets in a simple way, while also improving your game’s performance. V-Play 2.10.1 resolves a shader issue that caused compilation to fail in previous versions.

You can see a tutorial on adding TexturePacker to your V-Play games here!

V-Play 2.10.1 also fixes OpenGL issues when using Spine on Windows Phone and Win RT platforms.


V-Play Game Network Improvements

The V-Play Game Network is a mobile-backend-as-a-service that adds leaderboards, achievements and high scores to your mobile games. V-Play 2.10.1 improves the service in the following ways:

  • The icons in VPlayGameNetworkView now display correctly when using the component in combination with other icon fonts.
  • WebStorage initializes and synchronizes the current state with V-Play Game Network at first app startup.

You can see more about the V-Play Game Network here!

V-Play 2.10.1 Fixes

Qt World Summit 2016 Conference App Fix for Linux

The tint color of used controls gets rendered correctly again, when running the Qt World Summit 2016 Conference App demo on Linux.


You can get the full source code for this app when you download V-Play. The Qt World Summit 2016 Conference app is an open-source app example that you can use as the basis for your own conference app.

To get a look at the Qt World Summit 2016 Conference app in action, you can download it from either the App Store or Google Play using the links below. The app is free to download so get it now!

Google Play Badge itunes download button

More Fixes

InputDialog::inputTextSingleLine now correctly passes the entered text to the provided callback function.

V-Play 2.10.1 fixes NavigationStack transition and Page::leftBarItem usage when showing a split-view with leftColumnIndex greater zero.

For a full list of improvements and fixes to V-Play in this update, please check out our change log!

How to Update V-Play

Test out these new features by following these steps

Step 1

Open the V-Play SDK Maintenance Tool in your V-Play SDK directory. Choose “Update components” and finish the update process to get V-Play 2.10.1 as described in the V-Play Update Guide.

If you haven’t installed V-Play yet, you can do so now with the latest installer from here.

Step 2

The V-Play Sample Launcher allows you to quickly test and run all the open-source examples and demo apps & games that come with the V-Play SDK, from a single desktop application.


After installing V-Play, you can start the V-Play Sample Launcher from the application shortcut in your V-Play SDK directory.

Now you can explore all of the new features included in V-Play 2.10.1!

For a complete list of the changes to V-Play with this update, please check out our change log!

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