• Squaby Tower Defense

    Update 2.0.3: Big Squaby 2 Update, Qt 5.3.1 Support, AI & Particle Components

    By Christian June 30, 2014

    The V-Play 2.0.3 release adds many new components and full source code of our new release of the V-Play tower defense game Squaby. Squaby Tower Defense Game meets Minecraft This V-Play release contains a new major update of THE showcase game of V-Play: Squaby Tower Defense is released and comes with full source code as part of the V-Play SDK …

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  • breezi_placeit

    V-Play Particle Editor for Cocos2d and V-Play

    By David February 27, 2014

    We are proud to announce a new free application for iOS, Android, Windows and Mac created with V-Play: The V-Play Particle Editor. This particle editor is the ultimate particle creation tool for your games which allows you to visually configure stunning particle effects in real-time. Free to download Export .json for usage in V-Play Export .plist for usage in Cocos2d & …

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  • V-Play Quarterly Payment Introduction

    By Christian June 10, 2013

    We carefully listen to the feedback of our registered developers: Whatever features you require most are added with the highest priority. The Daily Build introduction in April allows us to distribute the hottest features as soon as we implemented and tested them. Among these additions is the recently announced Store plugin for in-app purchases to monetize your game. Or the …

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  • SDK Update v1.3: Cocos2d Comparison, Particle Editor, Free User Upgrade

    By Christian March 7, 2013

    Today we proudly release V-Play SDK version 1.3. Since the last release we added a lot: a new demo game together with a Cocos2d comparison, particle editor improvements and new components & bug fixes that originated from our community. We want to shorten your waiting time for the latest fixes and features, which is the reason why we will soon …

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  • Guest Post: Developing an Innovative Puzzle Game – Blockoban

    By Christian February 25, 2013

    This is a guest post by Andreas Guetz and Christian Bartsch, the two developers behind the fun & challenging game Blockoban: They developed this game within one month without any previous knowledge about V-Play and besides other workload at uni. The post below describes how they achieved that accomplishment. You can download the game for free on the Android Market, …

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  • V-Play Particle Editor

    By Christian January 22, 2013

    As part of the last update, a new app got added to the demos, which we think is worth writing an own blog post: The V-Play Particle Editor. As videos say more than a thousand words, here is a demo of it: The Particle Editor allows to create and modify particle effects. Your particle property changes are applied immediately, which makes it …

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  • SDK Update v1.2: Video, MultiTouchArea and Publishing Support

    By Christian January 21, 2013

    Today it’s time for our second update with version number 1.2.0. So let’s dive into the new features first: We added a Video item capable of playing video files on iOS and Android. It uses the native Video player facilities under the hood and thus allows showing native control overlays or using the video full screen. You can easily embed …

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