• How to Access REST Services with Qt and V-Play: Weather App Sample

    How to Access REST Services with Qt and V-Play: Weather Service Example App (Open Source)

    By andi.jakl February 8, 2018

    REST and RESTful web services are the most common way to access data through the Internet. Qt with V-Play provides an easy way to connect via REST. This article guides you through the most important steps to create an App and connect to a REST service. Additionally, it provides reusable code snippets. Spoiler: Basic REST Example with V-Play Real-Life Sample …

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  • Flask of Rum

    Release 2.5.1: New Puzzle Game like 2048, New Slot Game and Slot Game API & Advanced Match-3 Game

    By Christian August 12, 2015

    V-Play 2.5.1 adds new game tutorials, examples and features. So update now if you like learning how to make new games! You’ll also be happy to hear that the V-Play Sample Launcher is now supported on Linux operating systems! You can check out three new games in the V-Play Sample Launcher. There is a new 2048 puzzle game, a slot machine game, …

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  • Match-3 Game Tutorial

    V-Play 2.5.0 Release Adds New Match-3 Game, Tutorial and Sharing Feature

    By Michael July 15, 2015

    V-Play update 2.5.0 adds a new match-3 game to the V-Play Sample Launcher. The source code and game tutorial are also included in the latest update, as well as a new sharing feature. See below on how to update and enjoy these new features. Introducing Juicy Squash Juicy Squash is a simple match-3 game in the style of Candy Crush Saga. …

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  • getting-started-tour

    Get Started with V-Play: The Showdown

    By Christian March 6, 2014

    How to make a game like Flappy Bird / Super Mario / Doodle Jump / Candy Crush Saga / … ? What is this Build Server and V-Play Game Network for? How can I use the V-Play Level Editor?     These were some of the most frequently asked questions we got from you over the past months. So we …

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