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    20 Free & Secure Alternatives to the Parse Push Service

    By Michael December 7, 2016

    Since Facebook announced the end of Parse, we’ve been looking at the best alternatives for sending push notifications. Push notifications are an essential tool for engaging and retaining users. Developers can use them to send their users reminders, let them know about recent updates or ask for reviews and feedback. Using a reliable service for push notifications helps if you …

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    Mobile Game Development: 6 Techniques you MUST know

    By Michael August 4, 2015

    Effective mobile game development is something you can strive for. The development process shouldn’t be a struggle. The process should be rewarding and help you to grow! These proven techniques can help you become more effective in your work. Researchers have backed up every one of these techniques. On top of that, they’re simple to put in place. Try them for yourself and …

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    V-Play #1 at research2guidance Cross-Platform Tool Benchmarking

    By Christian July 18, 2014

    research2guidance, specialists for mobile developer surveys and cross-platform developer reports, just released one of their biggest report: The Cross-Platform Tool Benchmarking 2014 The objective of this benchmarking report is to allow developers to identify the right tool for their app projects. It is the largest, global evaluation of the cross-platform tool market and free to download! In a nutshell, these …

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  • Update 1.5.1 & Qt Dev Days Talk in Berlin

    By Christian October 4, 2013

    Today we are releasing a new daily build update containing performance improvements and many incorporated feature requests from our customers. And there is more cool stuff going on: next week is THE premier Qt event this year. Qt Developer Days take place in Berlin, and we are delighted to be part of the conference. Qt Developer Days Europe 2013 On …

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  • Last Call: V-Play Talks at Qt Dev Days

    By Alex August 8, 2013

    As V-Play Game Engine is a really great showcase for using Qt technology for mobile games and apps we followed this year’s call for papers for the upcoming Qt Developer Days Europe with two exciting talks about “How to monetize mobile apps and games with user-generated content and gamification” and “The power of Qt Quick: much more than a UI …

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  • V-Play Article in Software Developer’s Journal

    By Alex August 6, 2013

    A month ago we got an email that truly honored us: We were invited by the editors of Software Developer’s Journal to write an article in the upcoming issue about Qt development! It was clear we would take this opportunity and put an outstanding article together to give deep insight how you can effectively use Qt for mobile and desktop …

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  • Digia’s Qt Acquisition from Nokia, and the consequences for V-Play

    By Christian August 17, 2012

    In the last week, Nokia and Digia announced some breaking news: Digia acquires Qt from Nokia. In this article, I’ll cover what the pros and cons about this acquisition are and what that means for V-Play. The announcement did not come unexpected, as Nokia already showed interest in finding a new maintainer of Qt for a while. Their strategy, with betting …

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