• V-Play Windows Phone Game Development Contest

    By Christian September 16, 2014

    With the recent addition of Windows Phone support to V-Play 2, you have a great new platform to distribute your games. The Windows Phone Store has many advantages over iOS & Android for developers, like: Less competition because fewer games are in the Windows Phone Store than on iOS or Android. Less top-quality games that run natively (like V-Play does) …

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  • Pharaos Escape MainMenu

    Guest Post: How we created the Jump ’n’ Run game Pharaoh’s Escape with V-Play

    By Christian March 27, 2014

    In this guest post Florian & Thomas give insights how they developed the game Pharaoh’s Escape and share tips how to develop jump-and-run platformer games with V-Play. An Idea is Born We searched the web for some funny online games and we came across the simple game named “Crush”: in this game you control a single dot with the arrow …

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  • stack-with-friends-blog-post

    Update 1.5.5: User-Generated Content, Level Sharing & Level Store

    By Christian February 12, 2014

    Today is a special day. It’s time to release a V-Play Update which brings a new feature that will make your V-Play games stand out from the app crowd! User-Generated Content With the new daily build update 1.5.5 you can now make the next Minecraft for mobile: With a single line of code you can let your players publish their …

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  • New V-Play Pricing: Free Trial, an Indie License and more

    By Christian January 16, 2014

    We have received a lot of feedback over the last months from our developer survey but also from your emails and talking to you, the V-Play community.   Based on these findings and to better fulfill the requirements you brought up, we are today introducing 4 new license types: Starter: This license is perfect for aspiring game developers on a …

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  • Update 1.5: Chartboost & AdMob Ad Plugins, Simplified Windows Installation and More

    By Christian September 2, 2013

    Only one month after the last major update 1.4.0, we added so many improvements we decided to release another major update! Read on to see what’s inside version 1.5.0: New Ad plugins for Chartboost and AdMob Simplified Windows Installation Add support for Ubuntu 13.04 Support resolution-changes of GameWindow at runtime and add full-screen support for desktop publishing Add Flurry plugin …

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  • Update 1.4: BlackBerry 10, DownloadablePackages, Desktop Publishing and More

    By Christian August 2, 2013

    The major update 1.4.0 marks an important step in the history of V-Play and brings loads of improvements – let’s have a look at them: BlackBerry 10 Support – Publish for a growing new platform without any cost or additional work Downloadable Package Support – This component allows to keep your app size small and under the 50MB limit for …

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  • V-Play Quarterly Payment Introduction

    By Christian June 10, 2013

    We carefully listen to the feedback of our registered developers: Whatever features you require most are added with the highest priority. The Daily Build introduction in April allows us to distribute the hottest features as soon as we implemented and tested them. Among these additions is the recently announced Store plugin for in-app purchases to monetize your game. Or the …

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  • Guest Post: Developing an Innovative Puzzle Game – Blockoban

    By Christian February 25, 2013

    This is a guest post by Andreas Guetz and Christian Bartsch, the two developers behind the fun & challenging game Blockoban: They developed this game within one month without any previous knowledge about V-Play and besides other workload at uni. The post below describes how they achieved that accomplishment. You can download the game for free on the Android Market, …

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  • V-Play at the Austria Game Jam 2013: Locomotive Breath

    By Christian January 30, 2013

    Last weekend we attended an absolutely awesome event: the Austria Game Jam, which is the local part of the Global Game Jam being held all over the world. We attended as sponsors, experts and also worked on a game, so this blog post is about our game jam experience… If you are wondering what a game jam is: It is …

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  • SDK Update v1.2: Video, MultiTouchArea and Publishing Support

    By Christian January 21, 2013

    Today it’s time for our second update with version number 1.2.0. So let’s dive into the new features first: We added a Video item capable of playing video files on iOS and Android. It uses the native Video player facilities under the hood and thus allows showing native control overlays or using the video full screen. You can easily embed …

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