• sqauby-gamejam-level-cropped-w640

    6 Simple Tips for Game Jams -Prepare yourself

    By Christian January 22, 2015

      Game Jams are a great way to work on prototypes because you really need to focus on few key parts of your game as there are usually only two days of working time available. They are also a chance to try new tools and see what you can make out of it within a weekend. Tips for Game Jam …

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  • v-play-anniversary-presents

    V-Play 2014 Highlights, Roadmap & Anniversary Sale

    By Christian December 30, 2014

    It’s time to celebrate! Not only a great 2014, but also our 2nd anniversary after the first official V-Play 1.0 release. We’d like to thank you, our V-Play customers & great developer community! You helped us improving V-Play and make it a world-class tool for cross-platform game and app creation. Read on for a short but intense recap what happened …

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  • V-Play Windows Phone Game Development Contest

    By Christian September 16, 2014

    With the recent addition of Windows Phone support to V-Play 2, you have a great new platform to distribute your games. The Windows Phone Store has many advantages over iOS & Android for developers, like: Less competition because fewer games are in the Windows Phone Store than on iOS or Android. Less top-quality games that run natively (like V-Play does) …

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  • Update 2.1.0: Major Qt 5 Release, V-Play 2 for All Developers

    By Christian September 2, 2014

    Starting with this V-Play release, you can now fully evaluate V-Play 2 during your trial. V-Play 2 has many benefits compared to V-Play 1, like: Deploy locally to your iOS or Android device from Qt Creator, including on-device debugging Add any native C++ / Obj-C / Java code or native libraries to your V-Play projects Full support of all Qt …

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  • qt5_2

    V-Play 2.0 Release with Full Qt 5 Support

    By Christian April 10, 2014

    Today we announce something … BIG. V-Play with full Qt 5 support is here! How this will benefit you? In many ways, just read on and find out… The V-Play Journey V-Play and Qt has come a long way since we released the first V-Play Beta two years ago. Back then, Qt 4 was still owned by Nokia, and the …

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  • sqauby-gamejam-level-cropped-w640

    6 Tips for Game Jams & V-Play Global Game Jam Promotion

    By Christian January 22, 2014

    The upcoming weekend one of THE greatest gaming events takes place: the Global Game Jam. Read on for our 6 tips for game jams and our V-Play Game Jam Promotion. Game Jams are a great way to work on prototypes because you really need to focus on few key parts of your game as there are usually only two days …

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  • SDK Update: Symbian & MeeGo Support and Free Pro License Promotion

    By Christian October 25, 2012

    We are happy to announce what we have been working on the last couple of weeks: To start with, we have added full support for the performance-optimized V-Play renderer for two new platforms – Symbian and MeeGo. So starting from SDK version 0.9.5, you can deploy your games not only to iOS, Android, Windows, Mac and Linux, but also to …

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