• Squaby Tower Defense

    Update 2.0.3: Big Squaby 2 Update, Qt 5.3.1 Support, AI & Particle Components

    By Christian June 30, 2014

    The V-Play 2.0.3 release adds many new components and full source code of our new release of the V-Play tower defense game Squaby. Squaby Tower Defense Game meets Minecraft This V-Play release contains a new major update of THE showcase game of V-Play: Squaby Tower Defense is released and comes with full source code as part of the V-Play SDK …

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  • Stack With Friends Level Editor & Balancing

    Update 2.0.2: In-Game Level Editor & more Sample Games

    By Christian June 4, 2014

    Two weeks after the last V-Play update which brought Qt 5.3 support, today you get another update that makes V-Play 2 a lot better. In-Game Level Editor With the level editor components in V-Play, you can do the following: Cut development time as level creation, balancing and testing works while your game is running. Customize the look of the level …

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  • getting-started-tour

    Get Started with V-Play: The Showdown

    By Christian March 6, 2014

    How to make a game like Flappy Bird / Super Mario / Doodle Jump / Candy Crush Saga / … ? What is this Build Server and V-Play Game Network for? How can I use the V-Play Level Editor?     These were some of the most frequently asked questions we got from you over the past months. So we …

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  • teaser_image_hj14

    Guest Post: How We Made the Ski Jumping Game “HighJump 2014”

    By Christian February 15, 2014

    This is a guest post by Niklas Hösl, who created the ski jumping game HighJump 2014 with his colleague Michael Nigl. Why a Ski Jumping Game? Ski jumping is not one of the most popular sports out there, but there is one good reason why we developed HighJump 2014: I am the biggest ski jumping fan in the world! So …

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  • stack-with-friends-blog-post

    Update 1.5.5: User-Generated Content, Level Sharing & Level Store

    By Christian February 12, 2014

    Today is a special day. It’s time to release a V-Play Update which brings a new feature that will make your V-Play games stand out from the app crowd! User-Generated Content With the new daily build update 1.5.5 you can now make the next Minecraft for mobile: With a single line of code you can let your players publish their …

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  • GDC Europe 2013 Highlights & BlackBerry DevBlog Guest Post

    By Christian August 23, 2013

    We just arrived from Cologne, so we can’t wait to share our experiences from GDC Europe 2013! GDC Europe The GDC is the Mecca for professional game developers.  Thus it was clear we will attend the conference as we did last year, but this year turned out to be different! As we recently announced our support for BlackBerry, we got …

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  • Update 1.4: BlackBerry 10, DownloadablePackages, Desktop Publishing and More

    By Christian August 2, 2013

    The major update 1.4.0 marks an important step in the history of V-Play and brings loads of improvements – let’s have a look at them: BlackBerry 10 Support – Publish for a growing new platform without any cost or additional work Downloadable Package Support – This component allows to keep your app size small and under the 50MB limit for …

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  • Level Editor Tutorial

    By Alex June 26, 2013

    Like we announced in a recent blog post, the LevelEditor component is ready to enrich your games. It allows developers and players to quickly create levels. Furthermore it gives developers the ability to test balance changes without having to restart the app using the ItemEditor.

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  • V-Play Level Editor

    By Christian May 8, 2013

    We are proud to announce a new feature of V-Play today: the V-Play level editor. It is one of THE greatest components and will save you loads of time. Why? Just read on… Cutting development time The V-Play level editor helps you to create multiple levels easily. The cool thing is, you can immediately play and test if the levels …

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