• Virtual Economy

    Game Review by Soomla: Chicken Outbreak 2

    By Christian January 15, 2015

    Starting from this week, we will share the Soomla Game Reviews here on the V-Play Blog. You will learn the following from the game reviews: How to add in-app purchases to games from a game design perspective What are the best ways to create a virtual economy in your game What to avoid when you try to monetize your game Best …

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  • feature-vplay-qt-vs-html5

    Qt vs. HTML5 for Cross-Platform Apps

    By Christian October 30, 2014

    VisionMobile, one of the leading firms for programming related researches & surveys, just released an interesting article: Cross Platform Apps – Qt vs. HTML5. We’d like to add our thoughts about this article to help you choose the right framework for your project. Qt and V-Play We initially built V-Play to develop games with the power of Qt Quick. This …

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  • soomla-iap

    Qt 5 In-App Purchases with Soomla Plugin

    By Alex September 24, 2014

    Today it’s time to introduce a new plugin for monetizing your apps with in-app purchases across iOS, Android & Amazon: Welcome the new Soomla In-App Purchase Plugin for Qt 5 apps and V-Play 2 games. Cross-Platform In-App Purchases for Apple iOS App Store, Google Play Store & Amazon AppStore With the Soomla Plugin your V-Play 2 games can now support …

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  • In-App Purchases with V-Play

    By Alex June 7, 2013

    We are happy to announce in-app purchases for Android and iOS with the brand new Store plugin for your V-Play powered games, as of today’s release of daily build version 1.3.6. In-app purchases are probably the most utilized monetization strategy in today’s app economy. In-app purchases implemented as a “freemium” model provide a great opportunity for you to get your …

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