• qt5_2

    Big V-Play Update with Qt 5.3 Support

    By Christian May 20, 2014

    Today we are announcing a new V-Play update together with today’s Qt 5.3 release! What’s in it for me, you ask? Just read on and find out… V-Play Update 2.0.1 The new V-Play release is based on the latest Qt 5.3 update and shares all the benefits from this final Qt release. There have been many bug fixes in Qt …

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  • getting-started-tour

    Get Started with V-Play: The Showdown

    By Christian March 6, 2014

    How to make a game like Flappy Bird / Super Mario / Doodle Jump / Candy Crush Saga / … ? What is this Build Server and V-Play Game Network for? How can I use the V-Play Level Editor?     These were some of the most frequently asked questions we got from you over the past months. So we …

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  • flappy-bird-blog-post

    How to Quickly Make a Flappy Bird Game

    By Christian February 10, 2014

    Yesterday Flappy Bird developer Ha Dong Nguyen removed Flappy Bird from the app stores. This is unfortunate because the game, while being simple, was fun and challenging to play. So we sat down today and thought how we can continue the Flappy Bird spirit: why not write our own Flappy Bird code, and show how you can make one too? Play …

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