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    V-Play #1 at research2guidance Cross-Platform Tool Benchmarking

    By Christian July 18, 2014

    research2guidance, specialists for mobile developer surveys and cross-platform developer reports, just released one of their biggest report: The Cross-Platform Tool Benchmarking 2014 The objective of this benchmarking report is to allow developers to identify the right tool for their app projects. It is the largest, global evaluation of the cross-platform tool market and free to download! In a nutshell, these …

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  • vplay-qt-technology-partner

    V-Play is now Qt Technology Partner!

    By Christian May 8, 2014

    We are proud to announce a milestone of V-Play today: V-Play is now an official Qt Technology Partner! What does this mean? This means we are now official partners of Digia and continue to improve the Qt ecosystem and help Qt developers be more productive. When looking back, our decision two years ago to use Qt and especially the powerful …

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  • Why Qt Developer Days 2013 Rocked and the FUTURE of V-Play

    By Christian October 18, 2013

    After returning from last week’s Qt Developer Days Europe 2013 in Berlin, it is now time to recap what happened there, and why this will benefit you, our customers… Keynotes Qt DevDays started with some really interesting keynotes about last year’s progress and future directions for Qt 5.3, with the Qt 5.2 release being around the corner. Also, Kevin Franklin …

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  • Update 1.5.1 & Qt Dev Days Talk in Berlin

    By Christian October 4, 2013

    Today we are releasing a new daily build update containing performance improvements and many incorporated feature requests from our customers. And there is more cool stuff going on: next week is THE premier Qt event this year. Qt Developer Days take place in Berlin, and we are delighted to be part of the conference. Qt Developer Days Europe 2013 On …

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  • Digia’s Qt Acquisition from Nokia, and the consequences for V-Play

    By Christian August 17, 2012

    In the last week, Nokia and Digia announced some breaking news: Digia acquires Qt from Nokia. In this article, I’ll cover what the pros and cons about this acquisition are and what that means for V-Play. The announcement did not come unexpected, as Nokia already showed interest in finding a new maintainer of Qt for a while. Their strategy, with betting …

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