• chickenoutbreak2-blog_post

    Update 1.5.6: New Sample Game “Chicken Outbreak 2”, Last Update Before Qt 5

    By Christian April 3, 2014

    It’s update time again! There is a reason why it took longer than usual for this update (you can find it at the end of this blog post), but now let’s dive into the improvements of daily build 1.5.6: New Sample Game with Full Source Code: Chicken Outbreak 2 This is a real highlight! We have received lots of requests …

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  • stack-with-friends-blog-post

    Update 1.5.5: User-Generated Content, Level Sharing & Level Store

    By Christian February 12, 2014

    Today is a special day. It’s time to release a V-Play Update which brings a new feature that will make your V-Play games stand out from the app crowd! User-Generated Content With the new daily build update 1.5.5 you can now make the next Minecraft for mobile: With a single line of code you can let your players publish their …

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  • New V-Play Pricing: Free Trial, an Indie License and more

    By Christian January 16, 2014

    We have received a lot of feedback over the last months from our developer survey but also from your emails and talking to you, the V-Play community.   Based on these findings and to better fulfill the requirements you brought up, we are today introducing 4 new license types: Starter: This license is perfect for aspiring game developers on a …

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  • v-play-vpgn

    Increase Your Player Retention with New V-Play Game Network

    By Christian December 19, 2013

    Did you ask yourself how your game can be improved so more people are playing it, and how you can make them play longer? Leading analytics firm Distimo just announced its app store report for 2013 with stunning results: 92% of all revenues on iOS and even 98% on Google Play come from in-app purchases in F2P games! Major key …

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  • Update 1.5.2: Android Background Fixes

    By Christian November 13, 2013

    This daily build release is about bug fixes and added featuers from customer requests. Most importantly, this update contains a fix for Samsung Android devices and devices running on Android version 4.3 and higher. We rewrote the background handling to better support when the app is moved to background or when the sleeping mode is activated. So for our existing …

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  • Update 1.5.1 & Qt Dev Days Talk in Berlin

    By Christian October 4, 2013

    Today we are releasing a new daily build update containing performance improvements and many incorporated feature requests from our customers. And there is more cool stuff going on: next week is THE premier Qt event this year. Qt Developer Days take place in Berlin, and we are delighted to be part of the conference. Qt Developer Days Europe 2013 On …

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  • Heavy Loading Time Improvements, New Synmod Showcase Game, Demo Game Overhaul

    By Christian July 15, 2013

    The daily build update v1.3.7 brings major performance improvements: We were working closely with some of our Pro customers and identified key possibilities to improve loading of sprites. The result of the engine optimization is stunning: Loading time for a sprite went down by 80%! In the above-noted customer project more than 50 sprites got loaded in each level. For …

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  • V-Play Quarterly Payment Introduction

    By Christian June 10, 2013

    We carefully listen to the feedback of our registered developers: Whatever features you require most are added with the highest priority. The Daily Build introduction in April allows us to distribute the hottest features as soon as we implemented and tested them. Among these additions is the recently announced Store plugin for in-app purchases to monetize your game. Or the …

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  • Support for Multiple Languages and In-App Purchases

    By Christian June 9, 2013

    The new daily build update version 1.3.6 adds some major improvements and features we are proud to announce: In-app purchase support with the new Store plugin Support of multiple languages for your game with Qt Linguist New tutorial: How to add the LevelEditor to an existing game   Let’s dive into these improvements in more detail… In-App Purchase Support for …

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  • In-App Purchases with V-Play

    By Alex June 7, 2013

    We are happy to announce in-app purchases for Android and iOS with the brand new Store plugin for your V-Play powered games, as of today’s release of daily build version 1.3.6. In-app purchases are probably the most utilized monetization strategy in today’s app economy. In-app purchases implemented as a “freemium” model provide a great opportunity for you to get your …

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