Why Qt Developer Days 2013 Rocked and the FUTURE of V-Play

By Christian

After returning from last week’s Qt Developer Days Europe 2013 in Berlin, it is now time to recap what happened there, and why this will benefit you, our customers…


Qt DevDays started with some really interesting keynotes about last year’s progress and future directions for Qt 5.3, with the Qt 5.2 release being around the corner. Also, Kevin Franklin presented the results of the Qt Insights developer survey, with one key takeaway: 95% of Qt developers are either “Satisfied” or “Extremely Satisfied” with Qt, or put into other words: Qt Rocks!


Hint: you can download the full developer report here: http://qtinsights.com/wp-content/uploads/edd/2013/09/Qt-Insights-Report-Sept2013.pdf

Lightning Talks & V-Play Winning An Award

This year, at the 10th anniversary of Qt DevDays, a new program topic was introduced: Lightning talks, which are short 10 minute presentations about cool stuff going on in the Qt ecosystem. Of course we submitted a talk and, gladly, got approved. Topic title: “How to use Facebook, Ads, In-App Purchases and Analytics in mobile Apps with Qt”, where we presented the plugins we developed on top of the Qt framework to monetize your apps and keep your users coming back.

What we did absolutely not expect though, was the stunning feedback we got from that talk! The next day at the closing of the DevDays conference, the best lightning talks were selected based on votes from the developers – and we were overwhelmed we WON the MOST INNOVATIVE talk award!


This gave us the opportunity to present in front of the full room with 600 Qt developers! Needless to say, this probably was the coolest thing ever happened in our history. :-)

Key Takeaways

What impressed us most in these days, was the power Qt 5.2 will bring for cross-platform development and finally focusing on iOS & Android is a clear statement towards mobile support. The technology that powers this revolution is QML & JavaScript – it was a pleasure to see how Jens Bache-Wiig coded a full Spotify app within a single hour using Qt Quick Controls, and if he wouldn’t have been talking and without QA but pure coding, he would probably have made it in 15 minutes. 😉

From our research in terms of rendering performance compared with our custom renderer, Qt 5.2 is now in most scenarios superior than our cocos2d-x based rendering solution. Which means we will be changing our rendering technology and use all the advantages that Qt 5.2 brings in the second major version of V-Play. It’s too early to announce any release dates for this change – but you can rest assured as we keep our APIs of the 70+ V-Play components compatible with the update so you can switch to the new version once it’s ready without efforts.

So now we’ll go back to work and continue improving the world’s first Qt-based solution for mobile apps and games for you – we had a blast at Qt DevDays and are looking forward to the next year!

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