V-Play Article in Software Developer’s Journal

By Alex

A month ago we got an email that truly honored us: We were invited by the editors of Software Developer’s Journal to write an article in the upcoming issue about Qt development! It was clear we would take this opportunity and put an outstanding article together to give deep insight how you can effectively use Qt for mobile and desktop apps.


The result is the article “How to Develop and Monetize Apps and Games with Qt and V-Play”, and we even got featured in the issue as very first article! The introduction of the issue says it all: “We’re presenting some of priceless tricks used by the best Qt developers” – so read on to get an overview what we are covering there and how to receive a free copy.

In the article we explain why Qt is a great choice for developing cross-platform applications for desktop and mobile platforms. Afterwards, we introduce QML, the powerful basis for rapid development, compare its strengths with C++ and show the use cases for each language.

Next we present the architectural layers we developed to allow full iOS and Android support before the official release in Qt 5.2 and describe the main benefits for Qt developers when using V-Play. The practical part covers the creation of a physics-based game in only 94 lines of code and further highlights the rapid development opportunities.

Finally, we announce details of the upcoming V-Play Game Network for the first time and describe how to be part of the first group of developers to take part in the private beta! We can only recommend downloading the issue, which also covers other great topics about Qt development. For a summary of the articles and to purchase the entire issue, see this link: http://sdjournal.org/qt5-how-to-become-a-professional-developer-released/

And here is the cool thing: we have 100 coupon codes we give away so you can download the issue for free! Just send us an email to team@v-play.net with the subject “V-Play SDJ Article Download” or post a comment below and if you are amongst the first lucky ones you will get it for free!

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