Update 2.1.0: Major Qt 5 Release, V-Play 2 for All Developers

By Christian

Starting with this V-Play release, you can now fully evaluate V-Play 2 during your trial.

V-Play 2 has many benefits compared to V-Play 1, like:

  • Deploy locally to your iOS or Android device from Qt Creator, including on-device debugging
  • Add any native C++ / Obj-C / Java code or native libraries to your V-Play projects
  • Full support of all Qt 5 components
  • Windows Phone Support
  • Better performance of animations and rendering (see here why)
  • More  tutorials, sample games and game templates
  • Improved installation (including offline installler)

Celebration Discount

To celebrate this release with you, we offer a 20% discount for all licenses today, 17% tomorrow, 14% the day after tomorrow, until the discount is over in one week. So the earlier you decide for a V-Play license, the more you save.

Enter this discount code in the checkout process:


See the V-Play License Options


Porting Your Games to V-Play 2

If you have existing V-Play 1 games, porting them to V-Play 2 will not take more than a couple of minutes. Just replace the import VPlay 1.0 with import VPlay 2.0 and you should be set already. Also, the sprites and MultiResolutionImage components changed a bit – see here how to use the new system based on Qt 5.

Alternatively, V-Play 1 is still available and you can continue building with the Build Server. Note that the v1 docs moved to a new url. We do recommend though to start new projects with V-Play 2, because it is faster and with the full Qt 5 support much more flexible.

Download V-Play 2

As a V-Play customer or in your trial, you can start downloading V-Play 2.1 now. See the installation guide for more details.

V-Play Plugins are part of the V-Play license. See here how to install the V-Play Qt 5 plugins. As a V-Play customer, you can then create a free licenseKey for the plugins here.

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