Update 2.3.1: V-Play Qt 5 Plugin Import Changes, RayCast Support

By Christian

V-Play version 2.3.1 is the first update in 2015 – we’re happy to start the New Year with these new features:

Change of Import Path for V-Play Qt 5 Plugins

Due to internal changes in Qt 5.4, we had to change the import path of the V-Play Qt Plugins. As a customer of the V-Play Indie License or above, you can use these plugins:

To get these plugins, follow the installation steps here.


Since this V-Play update, you then get access to them with the new import

import VPlayPlugins.*

Instead of before:

import VPlay.plugins.* //deprecated now!

So for example to add Facebook to your game, use the following new import:

import VPlayPlugins.facebook 1.0

and use it like that:

import VPlayPlugins.facebook 1.0

Facebook {
  licenseKey: "<your-plugin-license-key>"

  appId: "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"
  readPermissions: [ "email", "user_friends" ]
  publishPermissions: ["publish_actions"]

  Component.onCompleted: {
    openSession() // opens the native Facebook login screen


As a V-Play customer with the Indie License or above, you can then generate a licenseKey for all plugins for free here.

Improved Dynamic Image Switching & File Selector Detection

Dynamic Image Switching now supports per-image file switching with V-Play File Selectors. This means, you can decide to not include an hd2 version of your image to reduce the app size. Although the image will then not be crisp on hd2 (high retina) screens like the one of iPad 3, this addition allows you to decide based on your requirements if app size or image quality is more important on a per-image basis.

Box2D RayCast Support, iOS Simulator Fix & More

V-Play does now support Box2D Add RayCast functionality! This is useful in games to check if physics bodies are along a ray – you can make fun & complex AI-powered games with that addition.

There are many bug fixes in this update too, for example iOS simulator now again works like a charm.


As a V-Play customer and in the trial you can update to the latest version now! See the Update Guide how to get it, and for the full changelog.

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