Mobile Game Engine Comparison

This guide compares Unity with V-Play for mobile game development.

Unity vs V-Play

In contrast to V-Play, Unity does not focus on mobile app development. App developers not only need custom UI elements in their mobile apps. In many cases they also require native looking widgets, like a native button, input text field, native tab bars or native navigation system for iOS & Android. For example, to have swipe-back functionality on iOS and a navigation drawer on Android.

Both use cases are combined in the V-Play SDK. You can create apps or games and combine components of both with a fully custom look, or rely on UI components that match their style to the actual platform the app is running on. This means you can for example add gamification features to your app from the gaming APIs, and use native UI features from the app API and mix these based on your requirements.

Other benefits of V-Play are:

  • V-Play allows to load content, code and assets, including AR assets, at runtime to keep the native app small.
  • The integration into existing native apps works better with V-Play, because of the smaller memory footprint and less dependencies.
  • V-Play features an integrated level editor that allows on-device balancing and supports user-generated content.
  • V-Play supports live code reloading on mobile devices.

All of these benefits sum up to a significantly faster app development experience (up to 70% less code compared to Unity!), and the better tool for the job especially if your app comes from an app background rather than a gaming background.

Voted #1 for:

  • Easiest to learn
  • Most time saving
  • Best support

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