Squaby Tower Defense

Update 2.0.3: Big Squaby 2 Update, Qt 5.3.1 Support, AI & Particle Components

By Christian

The V-Play 2.0.3 release adds many new components and full source code of our new release of the V-Play tower defense game Squaby.

Squaby Tower Defense Game meets Minecraft

This V-Play release contains a new major update of THE showcase game of V-Play: Squaby Tower Defense is released and comes with full source code as part of the V-Play SDK for all V-Play licensees.

The new version contains many improvements and highlights some of the key features of V-Play:

  • Allow players to build your own levels and share them with thousands of gamers worldwide.
  • Reward players for building cool levels.
  • Per-Level leaderboards (even for user-generated ones) showcase the best strategic players.
  • Community features to rate and share levels.
  • Level Store to monetize user-generated levels.


Watch the 1-minute Squaby trailer to get a glimpse of Squaby Tower Defense:

You can download & play Squaby now for free on the App Store, Google Play Store and also for Windows & Mac.

Download Squaby Now

Squaby Tower Defense

Squaby Tower Defense meets Minecraft – level sharing & player community powered by V-Play Game Network

Particle Support

With the new ParticleVPlay component, you can now create fully compatible Qt 5 particle effects. We even enhanced the default Qt 5 Particle component with a lot more properties to make your particle effects unique. The API stays backwards compatible with V-Play 1, so your already created particle effects work with V-Play 2 as well.

With the V-Play Particle Editor, you can create your particle effects and change any particle property at runtime. This helps to get the desired visual effects as fast as possible. Alternatively, you can even use other popular particle editors and import the particle file from there.

New AI Components

The remaining AI components from V-Play 1 are now also available in V-Play 2. MoveToPointHelper allows to move a game entity towards a point or a moving target. PathMovement simplifies movement along a path. And JoystickControllerHUD provides an input controller that allows the same input logic for keyboard and touch devices.

Qt 5.3.1 Support

This V-Play release is based on the new Qt 5.3.1 version which adds some fixes like multiple key handling and some Android fixes.

As a V-Play customer, you can update to this version right away and enjoy all the new additions. Happy coding. :)

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