How to Quickly Make a Flappy Bird Game

By Christian

Yesterday Flappy Bird developer Ha Dong Nguyen removed Flappy Bird from the app stores. This is unfortunate because the game, while being simple, was fun and challenging to play.

So we sat down today and thought how we can continue the Flappy Bird spirit: why not write our own Flappy Bird code, and show how you can make one too?flappy-bird-blog-post

Play Flappy Bird, Made in a Day with V-Play

We used V-Play to create the game and only started this morning – so if there are some rough edges please forgive us. However, there are also some improvements to the original:

  • The game comes with V-Play Game Network which allows you to compete with your friends across platforms, no matter if they play on iOS, Android, Windows or Mac.
  • There is a desktop version for Windows & Mac available too, so you can play it on your mobiles, tablets and desktop PCs.
  • The source code of the game is freely available on Github.


Download V-Play Now to Make a Flappy Bird Game!

You can download the game for iOS, Android, Windows & Mac here. If you are a V-Play developer and sent over your device UDID, you can also download the iOS version!

How to Make Your Own Flappy Bird Tutorial

If you are interested in making your own Flappy Bird game, see our tutorial – How to create a game like Flappy Bird.

It explains step-by-step how we developed Flappy Bird with V-Play in less than a day. Our full Flappy Bird game is only 800 lines of code, which makes it a great resource to learn programming games with V-Play.


Feel free to publish your own game to the app stores based on our template, but make sure to use your own graphics and sound effects as these are property of Nguyen. V-Play explicitly states that it has no rights of any kind on used image and audio files, the files are only included for demonstrational and educational purposes. All rights (especially the copyright) remain by the primary copyright holder of Flappy Bird publisher Dong Nguyen or subsidiaries.


Happy Flapping,

The V-Play Team

26 Responses

  1. MoritzJT February 12, 2014                    

    You are pure evil – and genious 😀

  2. Alex ma February 13, 2014                    

    Nice! But the gravity is too strong!

  3. V-Play Game Engine February 14, 2014                    

    Yeah you’re right, might need a bit more fine-tuning. You can publish your own Flappy Bird in the meantime though, open source FTW. 😉

  4. Elisabeth Musker February 15, 2014                    

    thanks for the nice tutorial :) also did a flappy bird for android, currently working on an iOS version check it out: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.flappy.wings
    would love to hear your feedback

  5. Whai Nooa February 26, 2014                    

    It will run on a phone which uses android?

  6. V-Play Game Engine February 26, 2014                    

    Yes, it will run on all supported platforms by V-Play: iOS, Android, BB10, Windows, Mac OS X and Linux

  7. Whai Nooa February 26, 2014                    

    And what part shall I put on my phone to install it?

  8. V-Play Game Engine February 26, 2014                    

    This is mentioned in this part of the blog post:

    “You can download the game for iOS, Android, Windows & Mac here. If you are a V-Play developer and sent over your device UDID, you can also download the iOS version!”

  9. Whai Nooa February 26, 2014                    

    I mean if I change the game and debug it, can I use my own version?

  10. V-Play Game Engine February 26, 2014                    

    Yes you can, just change the source code and graphics as you like and build it with the V-Play Build Server to bring it to your phone.

  11. Whai Nooa February 26, 2014                    

    And after that I have to copy the application to my phone?

  12. V-Play Game Engine February 26, 2014                    

    Yep, you can just scan a QR code and your game is then installed to your phone. Just signup for a V-Play trial and see our getting started guides, it is described there step by step what to do.

    Have fun :)

  13. Whai Nooa February 26, 2014                    

    Ok! Thanks for help!

  14. rkumar670 March 17, 2014                    

    How to show adds in V-play ?

  15. V-Play Game Engine March 17, 2014                    

    You can use our Chartboost plugin or the AdMob plugin ( http://v-play.net/doc/vplay-group/#v-play-qt-5-plugins ) to monetize your Flappy Bird clone with ads.

  16. rkumar670 March 22, 2014                    


  17. leonerr May 10, 2014                    

    what app did you use to make this?sorry .. im newbie in making games like this

  18. V-Play Game Engine May 11, 2014                    

    not sure what you mean? the blog post has a link to the source code of the game, made with V-Play.. :)

  19. danial khan June 27, 2014                    

    it is possible to test my app using v-play game engine to my android phone by enabling developing mode and usb debugging?

    kind regards
    danial khan

  20. V-Play Game Engine June 27, 2014                    

    Yes, you can debug the output with the Android Monitoring tools and deploy the game to Android (and also iOS) with V-Play Build Server

    In V-Play 2.0 (V-Play customers only), we improved on-device debugging, which means you can step through your program one by one and even profile on-device

  21. Danial khan June 27, 2014                    

    Ok but when i create the new empty V-Play project. On target setup i am having this message: (No valid QT version found) and under that: (please add a qt version in Tools/Options. i really don’t know what i have to do to create an empty project.
    by the way i am using trial version of QT creator.


  22. Danial khan June 28, 2014                    

    i create new V-Play empty project but when i click “choose” button, it says (No valid qt version found). please help.

  23. V-Play Game Engine June 29, 2014                    

    please contact us at support@v-play.net and we’ll get this problem fixed

  24. V-Play Game Engine July 15, 2014                    

    have you been able to fix this issue yet? if you did not, please get in touch with us at support@v-play.net and we will get it resolved

  25. anita October 28, 2014                    

    It doesnt work anymore with the new version of qt creator. Can you please tell me what do i need to change for it to work? or do you have the source code for the new version?
    helppp please

  26. V-Play Game Engine November 20, 2014                    

    We updated the Github sample to work with V-Play 2, please pull it and try again.

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