New V-Play Pricing: Free Trial, an Indie License and more

By Christian

We have received a lot of feedback over the last months from our developer survey but also from your emails and talking to you, the V-Play community.


Based on these findings and to better fulfill the requirements you brought up, we are today introducing 4 new license types:

  • Starter: This license is perfect for aspiring game developers on a low budget. This license is available with monthly billing, which makes it very flexible if you just want to release a single game! The license starts from $14 (€10) and even includes V-Play Game Network, our new product to make your players return to your game.
  • Indie: The Indie license additionally includes all monetization plugins for cross-platform in-app purchases, ads and analytics to make your game a financial success.
  • Studio: With Studio, you get 3 support tickets per year with a guaranteed response time within 3 days. It also allows access to our advanced training sessions either remote or on-site, rises the applicable revenue limit of your company to $500k per year and unlimited builds additionally to features from Indie.
  • Enterprise: This license is for medium to big-sized game companies and contains 10 support tickets with a single day response time from a personal support assistant, no revenue limit and much more.

Click here for the new license comparison and the most popular questions about the new pricing.


This also means that you now get a 14-day free trial after signup with these benefits:

  • Full access to all V-Play APIs: all plugins and components are available
  • Unlimited iOS, Android & BB10 builds on V-Play Build Server
  • Access to V-Play Game Network
  • Access to V-Play Daily Builds to get the latest engine updates


Especially the access to daily builds is really powerful: It gives you the chance to evaluate V-Play with the latest engine updates, and unlimited builds gives you the freedom to test these without limits on your iOS, Android or BlackBerry devices in less than a minute.


After this 14-day free trial is over, you will no longer be able to update your V-Play SDK on your desktop and you cannot create new builds for your mobile devices with V-Play Build Server anymore.

What do you think about our pricing changes – are you missing something or need more information? Please let us know in the comments or contact us.


Happy Hacking,

The V-Play Team

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