Meet us at Qt Developer Days 2014 in Berlin

By Christian

Thanks to your votes, this year’s Qt Developer Days 2014 are special ones:

We got selected by the Qt and V-Play community to present TWO talks where we share insight knowledge about cross-platform app and game development:

Talk 1: How to Develop with Qt for Multiple Screen Resolutions and Increase Your User Retention (of Cross-Platform Apps and Games)

In this 1 hour-presentation, Chris will show how you can achieve Responsive Design in Qt 5 apps and V-Play games. He’ll also present techniques to boost user retention and make your users return to your app more often.

Talk 2: Closing the Gap between Qt/QML & Android/iOS: Secrets of Native Plugin Development

In this 10-minute Lightning Talk, Alex will introduce some of the initial challenges & the key concepts when connecting Qt apps with native functionality. This includes how to implement native method calls and how to add callbacks from Objective-C & Java / JNI to Qt Quick. He will also show how to add custom native views like ad banners on top of Qt Quick interfaces. Furthermore he’ll cover the native app life-cycles on iOS & Android and how to attach your own functionality to them.

Meet us in Berlin

If you are attending Developer Days, just visit us at the V-Play Booth and say hi to our team. We do have some cool showcases with us that highlight the power of V-Play and Qt 5!

If you don’t have a ticket for the conference, just send us an email and we can schedule a meeting close to the event’s location at bcc @Alexanderplatz.

Qt Dev Days Presentations Online

The presentations will be available online shortly after the conference is over – we’ll keep you posted about that one on Twitter & Facebook.

We’re looking forward to the next days and the biggest Qt developer conference of this year – hope to see you around!

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