A navigation control for displaying a header, back navigation and optional items. More...

Import Statement: import VPlayApps 1.0



Detailed Description

NavigationBar shows a page title, a back button on the left side and optional NavigationBarItem slots.

This component is automatically instantiated inside NavigationStack, for back navigation.

Property Documentation

backButtonItem : Component

This property defines an item that is shown as back bar button item.

By default a back arrow Icon is provided, which is sufficient in most cases. If you want to customize that icon you can make use of backButtonItemPressed property to define a custom style for the pressed state.

Here is an example of providing your custom item within a NavigationStack:

 NavigationStack {
  id: stack

   navigationBar.backButtonItem: Text {
     text: "Back"
     anchors.centerIn: parent
     color: stack.navigationBar.backButtonItemPressed ? "red" : "green"

See also backButtonItemPressed.

[read-only] backButtonItemPressed : bool

Use this readonly property to customize the pressed state of a custom provided backButtonItem.

See also backButtonItem.

backButtonVisible : bool

Holds whether the back button is shown or not. If false, the leftBarItem will appear in the left item slot, if set. If true, the backButton will appear in the left item slot.

leftBarItem : NavigationBarItem

An Item derived from NavigationBarItem to appear in the left item slot. This is only used, when the back button is not shown.

rightBarItem : NavigationBarItem

An Item derived from NavigationBarItem to appear in the right item slot.

titleItem : Item

An Item derived from NavigationBarItem to appear in the title slot of the navigation bar.

This QML property was introduced in V-Play 2.6.2.

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