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Import Statement: import VPlayApps 1.0



Detailed Description

AppTextEdit is an extension of the basic QML TextEdit for getting multi-line text input from the user. For single-line text input, use AppTextInput.

It adds the ability to display a placeholder text, which is visible as long as the text field is empty. The placeholder text's color and text can be configured using placeholderText and placeholderColor properties.

Property Documentation

cursorColor : color

The color of the cursor that marks the current position in the text input. Matches Theme::inputCursorColor by default.

This QML property was introduced in V-Play 2.7.0.

placeholderColor : color

The color for the placeholder text.

The default value is Theme::placeholderTextColor.

placeholderText : string

The text to display as placeholder, when the text field is empty.

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