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    Hi Alex,

    Thank you for all the answers.
    As for Chartboost – will ask some questions on other topic I started since this one is not a blocker for me.
    AdMob – would love to have this update.
    Are you able to tell me if the next update, with AdMob, will be available this year?
    If yes, I think can wait, not a big deal for me.

    And yes, I made a mistake with the Chartboost SDKs.

    Best regards, Marcin


    V-Play Team

    Hi Marcin,

    The AdMob additions are currently on our plan for the December update, we can keep you updated on this!






    It would be nice to have some plugins support on Desktop ( macOS and Windows ):

    • OneSignal
    • FaceBook





    Hi Alex,
    So 2.10.0 is here but I can’t find anything new related to rewarded videos in AdMob.
    In your AdMob docs you say that it supports all adverts types available in SDK.
    So maybe I can’t find the new rewarded videos option(don’t know how to use it) or it is not in official SDK or that sentence is not truth.

    Can I get any update on this matter?

    Thank you


    V-Play Team

    Hi Marcin,

    Sure: The sentence might be misleading from our side, correct. It refers to all types of banners, the initial ad types we releases with version 1 of the plugin (from where the sentence is actually coming from, sorry for that!).

    Regarding rewarded videos: We did not forget about that but found some issues on the iOS part during final testing and did not want to delay the big Qt 5.8 update any longer, hope you understand my point. Its release is therefore postponed to the next maintenance update.




    Hi Alex,

    Thank you for explanation.
    I understand why you postponed but I am not too happy about this.
    It is simple why.

    Without some features, small bugs, you can have workarounds/find different ways to do things.
    But since in freemium model video adverts(especially rewarded videos) is one of best option to monetize your product, having at least 2 options is crucial.
    Chartboost is great but it has it’s own rules and sometimes will stop showing rewarded videos for certain users.
    I know why they do it and it is perfectly normal(they also have clients and if user doesn’t click the advert, they limit the adverts for that user etc).
    It is really important to have potential second source of good monetization for rewarded videos.

    I know I can implement another solution on my own, but since AdMob is already provided by V-Play, it’s a pity this bit is still not supported.

    I am afraid the only thing I can do is to wait.
    Hopefully will happen in a month or a little longer.



    V-Play Team

    I totally get your message here yes. For that usecase we are currently also working on the Appodeal integration, which combines multiple ad networks under a unified interface and delivers ads that perform best. So I guess this would be a perfect match for your monetization strategy instead of the manual Chrtboost/AdMob integration.




    what about integrating with

    they claim to integrate tons of ad sources (from Facebook, Chartboost, AdMob and others)…

Viewing 8 posts - 106 through 113 (of 113 total)

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