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    I’m pretty new to V-Play, I’m just in the installation part but when running the installer I’m getting an error saying “You need to Install Xcode 8.2 (or newer)”, currently I’ve installed Xcode 10.1 with command line tools, I don’t know if it’s safer to continue the installation ignoring this message or should I do something before continuing?


    P.D. I’m running the online installer on a MAC OS High Sierra 10.13.6


    V-Play Team

    Hi Jorge,

    After installing or updating Xcode, we also recommend to open Xcode once to:

    • Accept license agreement terms
    • install additional tools

    Otherwise some features might not be set up correctly yet. If required, Xcode will prompt you with license terms or additional installation steps when opened. This could be a possible reason for the message you get.

    If everything is set up (and you can e.g. also build apps using Xcode), please try the V-Play installation again. If the error persists, please ignore it and see if the installation still succeeds or if it causes the installer to fail.

    Let me know if this helps!







    Hello @Günther

    My XCode is working properly, I’ve also tested app development with Xamarin so the steps you mentioned was performed before.

    I closed and opened the V-Play installer a couple times and the result was the same, always getting the message saying xCode 8.2 was not installed, so I decided to ignore and continue the installation by this way the installer only installed Qt Creator without any add-on from V-Play, so I can say the installation failed.

    Then I did check the missing elements in the V-Play maintenance tool choosing “Add or remove components” and there were not checked any of the V-Play components, the unchecked list was:

    *Desktop (clang_64)

    *Android (x86)

    *Android (armv7)


    So I checked them all and perform the “repair” process, after that I opened Qt Creator and can see the V-Play login window, I’ve not tested yet the app creation process

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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