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    Joshua Hiwat


    Can someone help me please with my application, i have build it 7 times, and all of it don’t work on my phone, i can’t see the eror.

    I have re-build the ‘Flappy Bird Clone’ and the following that i have change is:
    – Texture pack
    – Audio files
    – VPNote disabled (and in another build allowed)

    But i have play it on my pc with no erors and when i download it on my phone he will open the game.

    Can someone help me please, i can send you the files or you can watch it via my Teamvieuwer.



    V-Play Team


    Are you trying to install a “test” build or “publish” build on your phone? (check your config.json settings) I think you can only install the test builds on your phone without signing/aligning and submitting to app store. Please correct me if I’m wrong V-Play team.


    Joshua Hiwat

    The problem was a wrong audio file, but now i can play it on my Android phone but still not play it on my IOS Phone.


    I dont no why?


    V-Play Team


    please check if you use the exact paths and filenames in your source code. Also check for case sensitivity.



    V-Play Team

    Regarding edomichs comment, you are right.

    You can only install signed builds on your phone. The test builds are signed by us. The publish builds are unsigned, so you can sign them yourself before publishing them.


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    Joshua Hiwat

    Dear Alex,

    I can play my .apk games on my phone, i had a error in my game script, but the new problem is:
    I can sign my .keytool in my bin map.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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