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    I have a couple of questions to determine whether I’ll use V-Play.

    1. Can you make apps for Ios/Android using V-Play?

    2. Can you use ads in the apps you create? e.g admob

    3. Is it free to make and publish with no royalties?

    4. Can you make the same type of games using V-Play as you would using Corona SDK, Unity, or Construct2?

    5. What are some popular Ios/Android apps made with V-Play?

    6. How long does it take to learn V-Play for a beginner?

    7. What language does orx use, or how are games in V-Play created?


    8. What is the difference between V-Play SDK version 2 and version 1

    9. How long does it take to make your first game?





    V-Play Team


    I have a couple of answers to convince you to use V-Play, hopefully 😉

    1. Yes absolutely, we are currently extending our components and examples for App development, as this is a big strength of V-Play and Qt that currently doesn’t get the attention it deserves. Have a look here, and also our basic QML and V-Play tutorials in our documentation are also suitable to make the first steps with App development.

    2. We have a lot more to offer. All of our plugins (Ads, In-App purchases, Analytics, Notifications, …) are included in the Indie license and above.

    3. We do have a free plan (that does not include our plugins though) that also allows you to publish your Apps. Non of our plans includes any royalties on your published Apps.

    4. I can’t think of any reasons why you should not be able to do so. V-Play is specialized for 2D, but we are also working on adding support for 3D soon, stay tuned!

    5. We’ve put together some of the published games in our showcase section. We’re still missing THE big hit in our list, but we are working on it, together with our customers, and possibly also with you soon? :)

    6. We were ranked the easiest to learn engine in a big developer survey last year, so we can proudly and honestly say that you will be able to learn V-Play in record time!

    7. You are mainly using QML, a very intuitive declarative language to design the UI, together with JavaScript. But you can also extend your game with C++ and also platform specific code like Java or Obj-C, if you need it.

    8. V-Play 1 had a custom renderer that was based on the Cocos2D renderer, as back then, the performance of the default Qt4 renderer was not suitable for games. With V-Play 2 we switched to the new default Qt5 renderer and dropped further development on V-Play 1. Now you have the full power of Qt without any limitations, and everything that V-Play offers on top of that.

    9. Of course that’s not trivial to answer, as it depends on the game and also on your own skills. But we can say that our extensive documentation with examples and demos, our great support (that was also ranked #1 in the survey) and they ease of learning V-Play should enable you to keep your development time at a minimum.

    I hope I could answer your questions in a satisfying way, have a great remaining weekend! :)


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    You can make your first game inside a day, by making a variant of the examples they provide.

    I made my first game, based on an idea I’d implemented long before in another framework, in a week.



    Thank you for the replies to my question. I might try V-Play but the forum response is a bit slow.



    I’m curious what you mean by “slow”.   Do you mean “it took too long for a person to reply” or “there are not very many replies”?


    You got a reply from a core developer of the product in less than 24 hours.   That’s pretty good, in terms of response time from the company.





    When you are working on a project, and have a quick question, it’s hard to wait 10 hours for an answer.


    V-Play Team

    I’d say it depends. Getting a reply on the weekend within 10 hours (for 9 questions) from a core developer as Martin mentioned is not bad. If you have higher support requirements there are higher-tier licenses available to cover these, and on normal business hours it’s quicker anyways. For a serious evaluation, I’d suggest to try creating a simple game with the frameworks you are considering. That’s when you see the real value: speed of development & simple learning curve.

    If you have any further questions, just let us know.

    Cheers, Chris



    alex.huber said:
    6. We were ranked the easiest to learn engine in a big developer survey last year, so we can proudly and honestly say that you will be able to learn V-Play in record time!



    By “record time”, how long do you mean? Weeks,months? I just barely started app development, so how long would it take for me to learn V-Play?


    V-Play Team

    GreenAsJade also gave you his opinion on the learning curve in his answer above.

    And that’s also the feedback that we get from other customers. That it takes them only days to be able to prototype the idea that they have in their mind, which took them way longer with other frameworks.

    I don’t exactly know how much time you spent until now, searching for reasons not to use V-Play, but I’m pretty sure you could already have your first little game in your hands, if you had just given it a try 😉


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