OverviewV-Play Installationundefined reference to libpng12 on ubuntu 13.04 64bit › Reply To: undefined reference to libpng12 on ubuntu 13.04 64bit

OverviewV-Play Installationundefined reference to libpng12 on ubuntu 13.04 64bit › Reply To: undefined reference to libpng12 on ubuntu 13.04 64bit


I now modified the v-play.prf like so (additionally checking for linux-g++-64)

# Project file including V-Play libraries and paths for specific build target

# needed for reading the Mac address with QNetworkInterface, required for V-Play Game Network
QT += network

# Set gcc 4.6 on Linux machines
linux-g++|linux-g++-64 {
  QMAKE_CC = gcc-4.6
  QMAKE_CXX = g++-4.6

# Set SDK and base path
macx|win32|linux-g++|linux-g++-64: {
  # Paths for Windows Mac OS X, and Linux
} else: contains(MEEGO_EDITION,harmattan) {
  # Paths for MeeGo
  VPLAY_SDK_PATH = $$[QT_INSTALL_PREFIX]/../../../../Desktop/V-PlaySDK
} else: symbian: {
  # Paths for Symbian
  VPLAY_SDK_PATH = $$[QT_INSTALL_PREFIX]../../../Desktop/V-PlaySDK

# Resolve paths

# Check if the environment variable VPLAY_TEST_LOCALLY is set to 1
contains(TEST_LOCALLY, 1): {
    CONFIG += testLocally
    message(VPLAY_TEST_LOCALLY environment variable is set to 1)

# Only used for V-Play internal debugging
testLocally {
  message(testLocally config variable is set...)
  # $$_PRO_FILE_PWD_ must resolve to two subdirs underneath the main pro file, e.g. the demos/_demo_ folders
  # If the local feature file (v-play.prf) should be tested be sure to set QMAKEFEATURES env variable too (see README for this)

  linux-g++|linux-g++-64: VPLAY_LIBRARY_PATH = $$VPLAY_SDK_PATH/lib/linux
  symbian: VPLAY_LIBRARY_PATH = $$VPLAY_SDK_PATH/lib/symbian
  contains(MEEGO_EDITION,harmattan): VPLAY_LIBRARY_PATH = $$VPLAY_SDK_PATH/lib/meego
  win32: VPLAY_LIBRARY_PATH = $$VPLAY_SDK_PATH/lib/windows

# Set paths

# Add platform specific libraries
macx {
  # Frameworks
  LIBS += -framework Cocoa
  LIBS += -framework OpenGL
  LIBS += -framework OpenAL
  LIBS += -framework AudioToolbox

  # Third party libraries
  LIBS += -L$$VPLAY_LIBRARY_PATH/third_party -lcurl -lfreetype -ljpeg -lpng14 -lxml2 -lz

  # V-Play libraries
  CONFIG(release, debug|release): LIBS += -L$$VPLAY_LIBRARY_PATH -lVPlay
  else:CONFIG(debug, debug|release): LIBS += -L$$VPLAY_LIBRARY_PATH -lVPlay_debug

} else: win32 {
  # Third party libraries
  LIBS += -L$$VPLAY_LIBRARY_PATH/third_party -llibcurl_imp -llibEGL -llibgles_cm -llibiconv -llibjpeg -llibpng -llibxml2 -llibzlib -lpthreadVCE2
  LIBS += -lWinMM -lAdvAPI32 -lGdi32 -lshell32 -lUser32
  LIBS += -lkernel32 -lwinspool -lcomdlg32 -lole32 -loleaut32 -luuid -lodbc32 -lodbccp32

  # V-Play libraries
  CONFIG(release, debug|release): LIBS += -L$$VPLAY_LIBRARY_PATH -lVPlay
  else:CONFIG(debug, debug|release): LIBS += -L$$VPLAY_LIBRARY_PATH -lVPlayd

} else: symbian {
  # V-Play libraries
  CONFIG(release, debug|release): LIBS += -lVPlay
  CONFIG(debug, debug|release): LIBS += -lVPlay_debug
  # the below doesnt work, the library cat be found with the tools/checklib.exe
  #CONFIG(release, debug|release): LIBS += $$VPLAY_LIBRARY_PATH/VPlay.lib
  #else:CONFIG(debug, debug|release): LIBS += $$VPLAY_LIBRARY_PATH/VPlay_debug.lib

  # Third party libraries
  LIBS += -lusrt2_2.lib # (QTCREATORBUG-5589)
  # LIBS += -lcharconv

  # Symbian specific permissions
  TARGET.CAPABILITY += NetworkServices ReadUserData WriteUserData

  MMP_RULES += "OPTION gcce -march=armv6"
  MMP_RULES += "OPTION gcce -mfpu=vfp"
  MMP_RULES += "OPTION gcce -mfloat-abi=softfp"
  MMP_RULES += "OPTION gcce -marm"
  MMP_RULES += "OPTION gcce -fno-use-cxa-atexit"

  LIBS += -llibEGL -llibgles_cm
  LIBS += -lcone -leikcore -lavkon
  LIBS += -lremconcoreapi -lremconinterfacebase -lmmfdevsound

  QT += xml
  CONFIG += mobility
  MOBILITY += multimedia systeminfo sensors

} else: contains(MEEGO_EDITION,harmattan) {
  # V-Play libraries
  CONFIG(release, debug|release): LIBS += $$VPLAY_LIBRARY_PATH/libVPlay.a
  else:CONFIG(debug, debug|release): LIBS += $$VPLAY_LIBRARY_PATH/libVPlay_debug.a

  QT += meegographicssystemhelper
  LIBS += -lpthread -lxml2 -lEGL -lGLES_CM

  QT += xml
  CONFIG += mobility
  MOBILITY += multimedia systeminfo sensors

} else: linux-g++|linux-g++-64 {
  # V-Play libraries

  linux-g++:contains(QMAKE_HOST.arch, x86_64)|linux-g++-64: {
      LIBS += -lpng12 -lz -lfontconfig

  CONFIG(release, debug|release): LIBS += $$VPLAY_LIBRARY_PATH/libVPlay.a
  else:CONFIG(debug, debug|release): LIBS += $$VPLAY_LIBRARY_PATH/libVPlay_debug.a

  # Third party libraries

  message(V-Play 3rdparty library path: $$THIRDPARTY_LIBRARY_PATH)

  LIBS += -lglfw -lGL
  LIBS += -lcurl -lfreetype -ljpeg -lxml2

  linux-g++:contains(QMAKE_HOST.arch, x86_64)|linux-g++-64: {
    LIBS += -lfmodex64
  } else: {
    LIBS += -lfmodex

# QML Plugin paths = plugins
VPlayPluginsGenericFolder.source = $$VPLAY_SDK_PATH/plugins/generic
DEPLOYMENTFOLDERS += VPlayPluginsGenericFolder

contains(DEFINES, PLATFORM_WINDOWS): platformPluginPath = plugins/windows
else: contains(DEFINES, PLATFORM_MAC): platformPluginPath = plugins/macx
else: contains(DEFINES, PLATFORM_LINUX): platformPluginPath = plugins/linux
else: contains(DEFINES, PLATFORM_IOS): platformPluginPath = plugins/ios
else: contains(DEFINES, PLATFORM_ANDROID): platformPluginPath = plugins/android
else: contains(DEFINES, PLATFORM_SYMBIAN): platformPluginPath = plugins/symbian
else: contains(DEFINES, PLATFORM_MEEGO): platformPluginPath = plugins/meego = plugins
VPlayPluginsPlatformFolder.source = $$VPLAY_SDK_PATH/$$platformPluginPath
DEPLOYMENTFOLDERS += VPlayPluginsPlatformFolder

QML_IMPORT_PATH += $$VPlayPluginsPlatformFolder.source
QML_IMPORT_PATH += $$VPlayPluginsGenericFolder.source

# Mac deployment targets
macx {
  APPCERT = "3rd Party Mac Developer Application: $${COMPANY}"
  INSTALLERCERT = "3rd Party Mac Developer Installer: $${COMPANY}"


  # Adapt paths for shadow builds


  # package target, creates standalone .app package
  package.depends += all first copydeploymentfolders
  package.commands += $$[QT_INSTALL_PREFIX]/bin/macdeployqt $${TARGET}.app;
  # Remove unneeded frameworks and plug-ins
  # package.commands += rm -r $${TARGET}.app/Contents/Frameworks/QtDeclarative.framework;
  package.commands += rm -r $${TARGET}.app/Contents/PlugIns/accessible;
  package.commands += rm -r $${TARGET}.app/Contents/PlugIns/bearer;
  package.commands += find $${TARGET}.app -name '*.DS_Store' -type f -delete;
  package.commands += chmod -R a+xr $${TARGET}.app

  # codesign target, creates dSym file and signs package from package step
  codesign.depends += package
  codesign.commands += dsymutil $${TARGET}.app/Contents/MacOS/$${TARGET} -o $${TARGET}.app.dSYM;
  # Sign frameworks and plug-ins (should be done in future?)
  # codesign -s "$APPCERT" -i $BUNDLEID $${TARGET}.app/Contents/Frameworks/QtCore.framework/Versions/4/QtCore
  # codesign -s "$APPCERT" -i $BUNDLEID $${TARGET}.app/Contents/PlugIns/imageformats/libqjpeg.dylib
  # Sign the application bundle, using the provided entitlements
  codesign.commands += codesign -s \"$${APPCERT}\" -fv --entitlements $${ENTITLEMENTS} $${TARGET}.app;

  # mas target, create an installer file for mac app store, combining the other targets
  mas.depends += package codesign
  mas.commands += productbuild --component $${TARGET}.app /Applications --sign \"$${INSTALLERCERT}\" $${TARGET}.pkg;

  QMAKE_EXTRA_TARGETS += package codesign mas copyfiles

# Print paths for debug purposes and support requests
message(QT install prefix: $$QT_INSTALL_PREFIX)
message(V-Play SDK path: $$VPLAY_SDK_PATH)
message(V-Play target path: $$VPLAY_BASE_PATH)
message(V-Play library path: $$VPLAY_LIBRARY_PATH)
message(V-Play qml path: $$VPLAY_QML_PATH)
message(V-Play include path: $$VPLAY_INCLUDE_PATH)
message(VPlayPluginsGenericPath: $$VPlayPluginsGenericFolder.source)
message(VPlayPluginsPlatformPath: $$VPlayPluginsPlatformFolder.source)

# Please do not modify the following two lines. Required for deployment.

which brings up the known linker error

g++-4.6 -m64 -Wl,-rpath,/home/eigel/libs/V-PlaySDK/Desktop/Qt/4.8.1/gcc/lib -o MultiDragAndPinch main.o qmlapplicationviewer.o moc_qmlapplicationviewer.o    -L/home/eigel/libs/V-PlaySDK/Desktop/Qt/4.8.1/gcc/lib -lpng12 -lz -lfontconfig /home/eigel/libs/V-PlaySDK/Desktop/Qt/4.8.1/gcc/../../../V-PlaySDK/lib/lib64/libVPlay_debug.a -L/home/eigel/libs/V-PlaySDK/Desktop/Qt/4.8.1/gcc/../../../V-PlaySDK/lib/lib64/third_party -lglfw -lGL -lcurl -lfreetype -ljpeg -lxml2 -lfmodex64 -lQtDeclarative -L/home/eigel/libs/V-PlaySDK/Desktop/Qt/4.8.1/gcc/lib -lQtScript -lQtSvg -L/usr/X11R6/lib64 -lQtSql -lQtXmlPatterns -lQtGui -lQtNetwork -lQtCore -lpthread 
/usr/bin/ld: /home/eigel/libs/V-PlaySDK/Desktop/Qt/4.8.1/gcc/../../../V-PlaySDK/lib/lib64/libVPlay_debug.a(CCImage.o): undefined reference to symbol 'png_malloc@@PNG12_0'
/usr/bin/ld: note: 'png_malloc@@PNG12_0' is defined in DSO /usr/lib/gcc/x86_64-linux-gnu/4.6/../../../x86_64-linux-gnu/ so try adding it to the linker command line
/usr/lib/gcc/x86_64-linux-gnu/4.6/../../../x86_64-linux-gnu/ could not read symbols: Invalid operation
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status

I also have a fresh ubuntu 13.04 64 installation so we should have identical library files. Not sure how to compare though.

eigel@hilbert:~$ ls -la /usr/lib/gcc/x86_64-linux-gnu/4.6/../../../x86_64-linux-gnu/
lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 35 Nov 12  2012 /usr/lib/gcc/x86_64-linux-gnu/4.6/../../../x86_64-linux-gnu/ -> /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/
eigel@hilbert:~$ ls -la /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/
lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 18 Nov 12  2012 /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/ ->
eigel@hilbert:~$ ls -la /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/ 
-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 153944 Nov 12  2012 /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/
eigel@hilbert:~$ ldd /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/ =>  (0x00007ffffc5ca000) => /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/ (0x00007f7ce5495000) => /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/ (0x00007f7ce5190000) => /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/ (0x00007f7ce4dc7000)
	/lib64/ (0x00007f7ce58f3000)
eigel@hilbert:~$ nm -D /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/ 
                 U abort
                 U crc32
                 w __cxa_finalize
                 U deflate
                 U deflateEnd
                 U deflateInit2_
                 U deflateReset
                 U fflush
                 U __fprintf_chk
                 U fputc
                 U fread
                 U free
                 U fwrite
                 w __gmon_start__
                 U gmtime
                 U inflate
                 U inflateEnd
                 U inflateInit_
                 U inflateReset
                 w _ITM_deregisterTMCloneTable
                 w _ITM_registerTMCloneTable
                 w _Jv_RegisterClasses
                 U __longjmp_chk
                 U malloc
                 U memcmp
                 U memcpy
                 U __memcpy_chk
                 U memset
0000000000000000 A PNG12_0
0000000000004a70 T png_access_version_number
0000000000016ef0 T png_build_grayscale_palette
0000000000003f00 T png_check_sig
000000000001beb0 T png_chunk_error
000000000001bf10 T png_chunk_warning
00000000000132a0 T png_convert_from_struct_tm
00000000000132d0 T png_convert_from_time_t
0000000000004850 T png_convert_to_rfc1123
0000000000004120 T png_create_info_struct
00000000000106e0 T png_create_read_struct
00000000000102e0 T png_create_read_struct_2
0000000000014850 T png_create_write_struct
0000000000014560 T png_create_write_struct_2
0000000000004180 T png_data_freer
00000000000047b0 T png_destroy_info_struct
00000000000123c0 T png_destroy_read_struct
0000000000013a80 T png_destroy_write_struct
000000000001bb50 T png_error
000000000001b960 T png_free
00000000000041c0 T png_free_data
000000000001b940 T png_free_default
00000000000075d0 T png_get_asm_flagmask
00000000000075c0 T png_get_asm_flags
0000000000006ac0 T png_get_bit_depth
0000000000006d80 T png_get_bKGD
0000000000006d40 T png_get_channels
0000000000006db0 T png_get_cHRM
0000000000006ec0 T png_get_cHRM_fixed
0000000000006ae0 T png_get_color_type
00000000000075a0 T png_get_compression_buffer_size
0000000000006b40 T png_get_compression_type
0000000000004990 T png_get_copyright
000000000001bf90 T png_get_error_ptr
0000000000006b00 T png_get_filter_type
0000000000006fa0 T png_get_gAMA
0000000000006fe0 T png_get_gAMA_fixed
00000000000049b0 T png_get_header_ver
00000000000049c0 T png_get_header_version
00000000000070e0 T png_get_hIST
0000000000007050 T png_get_iCCP
0000000000007120 T png_get_IHDR
0000000000006aa0 T png_get_image_height
0000000000006a80 T png_get_image_width
0000000000007870 T png_get_int_32
0000000000006b20 T png_get_interlace_type
0000000000004820 T png_get_io_ptr
00000000000049a0 T png_get_libpng_ver
000000000001ba40 T png_get_mem_ptr
00000000000075f0 T png_get_mmx_bitdepth_threshold
00000000000075e0 T png_get_mmx_flagmask
0000000000007600 T png_get_mmx_rowbytes_threshold
00000000000071f0 T png_get_oFFs
0000000000007250 T png_get_pCAL
0000000000007360 T png_get_pHYs
0000000000006c00 T png_get_pixel_aspect_ratio
0000000000006bc0 T png_get_pixels_per_meter
00000000000073c0 T png_get_PLTE
000000000001d930 T png_get_progressive_ptr
0000000000007560 T png_get_rgb_to_gray_status
0000000000006a40 T png_get_rowbytes
0000000000006a60 T png_get_rows
0000000000007400 T png_get_sBIT
0000000000007310 T png_get_sCAL
0000000000006d60 T png_get_signature
00000000000070b0 T png_get_sPLT
0000000000007020 T png_get_sRGB
0000000000007430 T png_get_text
0000000000007480 T png_get_tIME
00000000000074b0 T png_get_tRNS
00000000000078a0 T png_get_uint_16
0000000000007800 T png_get_uint_31
0000000000007840 T png_get_uint_32
0000000000007530 T png_get_unknown_chunks
0000000000007580 T png_get_user_chunk_ptr
0000000000007630 T png_get_user_height_max
000000000000c330 T png_get_user_transform_ptr
0000000000007610 T png_get_user_width_max
0000000000006a20 T png_get_valid
0000000000006c80 T png_get_x_offset_microns
0000000000006ce0 T png_get_x_offset_pixels
0000000000006b60 T png_get_x_pixels_per_meter
0000000000006cb0 T png_get_y_offset_microns
0000000000006d10 T png_get_y_offset_pixels
0000000000006b90 T png_get_y_pixels_per_meter
00000000000049d0 T png_handle_as_unknown
0000000000004100 T png_info_init
0000000000004010 T png_info_init_3
0000000000004840 T png_init_io
000000000001df10 R png_libpng_ver
000000000001b890 T png_malloc
000000000001b870 T png_malloc_default
000000000001b9a0 T png_malloc_warn
000000000001ba00 T png_memcpy_check
000000000001ba10 T png_memset_check
0000000000004a80 T png_mmx_support
000000000001de40 R png_pass_dsp_mask
000000000001dec0 R png_pass_inc
000000000001de60 R png_pass_mask
000000000001dee0 R png_pass_start
000000000001de80 R png_pass_yinc
000000000001dea0 R png_pass_ystart
00000000000066f0 T png_permit_empty_plte
0000000000006720 T png_permit_mng_features
000000000001d860 T png_process_data
000000000001d8c0 T png_progressive_combine_row
0000000000011f90 T png_read_destroy
0000000000011a30 T png_read_end
00000000000119b0 T png_read_image
0000000000010c10 T png_read_info
0000000000012510 T png_read_png
00000000000112d0 T png_read_row
00000000000118f0 T png_read_rows
0000000000011240 T png_read_update_info
0000000000004a50 T png_reset_zstream
000000000000c710 T png_save_int_32
000000000000c740 T png_save_uint_16
000000000000c6e0 T png_save_uint_32
000000000000bd90 T png_set_add_alpha
00000000000069d0 T png_set_asm_flags
0000000000014ca0 T png_set_background
000000000000bc50 T png_set_bgr
00000000000051d0 T png_set_bKGD
0000000000005200 T png_set_cHRM
0000000000005370 T png_set_cHRM_fixed
0000000000006940 T png_set_compression_buffer_size
0000000000014870 T png_set_compression_level
0000000000014890 T png_set_compression_mem_level
0000000000014960 T png_set_compression_method
00000000000148b0 T png_set_compression_strategy
00000000000148d0 T png_set_compression_window_bits
0000000000014b80 T png_set_crc_action
0000000000014d50 T png_set_dither
000000000001bf70 T png_set_error_fn
00000000000156a0 T png_set_expand
00000000000156e0 T png_set_expand_gray_1_2_4_to_8
000000000000bd20 T png_set_filler
0000000000013b90 T png_set_filter
0000000000013e10 T png_set_filter_heuristics
00000000000136d0 T png_set_flush
0000000000005530 T png_set_gAMA
00000000000055d0 T png_set_gAMA_fixed
0000000000015620 T png_set_gamma
0000000000015700 T png_set_gray_1_2_4_to_8
0000000000015740 T png_set_gray_to_rgb
00000000000056c0 T png_set_hIST
0000000000005d70 T png_set_iCCP
0000000000005770 T png_set_IHDR
000000000000bcf0 T png_set_interlace_handling
00000000000069b0 T png_set_invalid
000000000000bdd0 T png_set_invert_alpha
000000000000bdf0 T png_set_invert_mono
0000000000006740 T png_set_keep_unknown_chunks
000000000001ba20 T png_set_mem_fn
00000000000069f0 T png_set_mmx_thresholds
0000000000005890 T png_set_oFFs
000000000000bc80 T png_set_packing
000000000000bca0 T png_set_packswap
00000000000156c0 T png_set_palette_to_rgb
00000000000058c0 T png_set_pCAL
0000000000005b00 T png_set_pHYs
0000000000005b30 T png_set_PLTE
000000000001d8f0 T png_set_progressive_read_fn
0000000000012870 T png_set_read_fn
0000000000012500 T png_set_read_status_fn
00000000000068c0 T png_set_read_user_chunk_fn
0000000000015990 T png_set_read_user_transform_fn
00000000000158c0 T png_set_rgb_to_gray
0000000000015760 T png_set_rgb_to_gray_fixed
00000000000068e0 T png_set_rows
0000000000005c20 T png_set_sBIT
0000000000005ad0 T png_set_sCAL
000000000000bcc0 T png_set_shift
0000000000003e00 T png_set_sig_bytes
00000000000062e0 T png_set_sPLT
0000000000005c50 T png_set_sRGB
0000000000005c70 T png_set_sRGB_gAMA_and_cHRM
0000000000014d10 T png_set_strip_16
0000000000014d30 T png_set_strip_alpha
000000000001bfb0 T png_set_strip_error_numbers
000000000000bc60 T png_set_swap
000000000000bdb0 T png_set_swap_alpha
0000000000006120 T png_set_text
0000000000006140 T png_set_tIME
0000000000006170 T png_set_tRNS
0000000000015720 T png_set_tRNS_to_alpha
00000000000066c0 T png_set_unknown_chunk_location
00000000000064e0 T png_set_unknown_chunks
0000000000006a00 T png_set_user_limits
000000000000c310 T png_set_user_transform_info
00000000000129a0 T png_set_write_fn
00000000000149b0 T png_set_write_status_fn
00000000000149c0 T png_set_write_user_transform_fn
0000000000003e50 T png_sig_cmp
00000000000112b0 T png_start_read_image
000000000001bd60 T png_warning
000000000000ca10 T png_write_chunk
000000000000c870 T png_write_chunk_data
000000000000c9b0 T png_write_chunk_end
000000000000c7e0 T png_write_chunk_start
0000000000013800 T png_write_destroy
00000000000130c0 T png_write_end
00000000000136f0 T png_write_flush
0000000000013610 T png_write_image
0000000000012cb0 T png_write_info
0000000000012a30 T png_write_info_before_PLTE
00000000000149e0 T png_write_png
0000000000013300 T png_write_row
0000000000013680 T png_write_rows
                 U pow
                 U _setjmp
                 U __snprintf_chk
                 U __stack_chk_fail
                 U stderr
                 U strlen
                 U strtod
eigel@hilbert:~$ nm -g /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/ 
nm: /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/ no symbols

Not sure if the last line points to a problem? Do you have any suggestions?

Best, Martin

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