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OverviewV-Play 1 SupportRepeating background › Reply To: Repeating background

V-Play Team

This would be a little more flexible, but still having the possible stretch/collapse issue. The idea is that you provide the tileWidth and tileHeight to determine the number of tiles, just like in your code, but the actual tiles get adjusted a little bit (if needed) to fit in the available space.

Item {
      id: item
      property string imgSource
      property int tileWidth: 32
      property int tileHeight: 32

      Repeater {

        id: repeater
        property int rows: Math.round(item.height / item.tileWidth)
        property int cols: Math.round(item.width / item.tileHeight)
        property double rowWidth : item.width/cols
        property double colHeight : item.height/rows
        model: rows * cols

        Image {
          property int col: index % repeater.cols
          property int row: Math.floor(index / repeater.cols)
          x: repeater.rowWidth * col
          y: repeater.colHeight * row
          width: repeater.rowWidth//col < repeater.cols - 1 ? item.tileWidth : (item.width % item.tileWidth)
          height: repeater.colHeight//row < repeater.rows - 1 ? item.tileHeight : (item.height % item.tileHeight)
          source: item.imgSource
          z: -1



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