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OverviewV-Play 1 SupportParticles z-ordering › Reply To: Particles z-ordering

V-Play Team

Hey Chris,


thanks for your answer. It doesn’t seem to be working when putting the particles on the same file as the SpriteBatchContainer above it and modifying the z-property. Here is how i tried it in my BaseLevel.qml:

property variant particleItem

GemParticles {
  id: gemParticles
  z: particleItem ? particleItem.z : 0
  type: particleItem ? particleItem.type : 1
  pos.x: particleItem ? particleItem.x + particleItem.width / 2 : 0
  pos.y: particleItem ? particleItem.y + particleItem.width * 2 / 5 : 0

SpriteBatchContainer {}

function startGemParticles(item) {
  if(window.isParticlesEnabled()) {
    particleItem = item

But all particles are still drawn above everything.

When I use vertexZ, i thought it was not possible to change this property at runtime?

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