OverviewV-Play 1 SupportLevel Editor (not possible to position entity at row 0 or column 0 › Reply To: Level Editor (not possible to position entity at row 0 or column 0

OverviewV-Play 1 SupportLevel Editor (not possible to position entity at row 0 or column 0 › Reply To: Level Editor (not possible to position entity at row 0 or column 0


Here is the code of the Tree.qml:


import QtQuick 1.1
import VPlay 1.0
import Box2D 1.0 // needed for Box category

//Item {
// use an EntityBase for the base item, to be able to create, destroy and access the tntity by type with the EntityManager (and to be able to save/load it through the EM!)
EntityBaseDraggable {
    id: tree

    // columnn & row may be set from outside, for easier positioning along the grid
    property int column
    property int row

    property real gridSize: scene.gridSize

    entityType: "tree"
    // the variationType may be blockBrown, blockRed
    variationType: "standard"

    // when e.g. column = 0 is specified, the block should be placed centered at column 0
    x: column*gridSize//+gridSize*0.5
    y: row*gridSize//+gridSize*0.5

    // these properties must be set for EntityBaseDraggable
    selectionMouseArea.anchors.fill: sprite
    //colliderComponent: collider

    selectionMouseArea.onPressAndHold: removeEntity()//onEntityPressAndHold: removeEntity()

    Rectangle {
        id: sprite
        color: "blue"

        width: gridSize+1
        height: gridSize+1
        anchors.left: parent.left


and here is the code of the main.qml:


import VPlay 1.0
import QtQuick 1.1
import "entities"

GameWindow {
    activeScene: scene
    // the size of the Window can be changed at runtime by pressing the number keys 1-7
    // the content of the logical scene size (480x320 by default) gets scaled to the window size based on the scaleMode
    // you can set this size to any resolution you would like your project to start with, most of the times the one of your main target device
    // this resolution is for iPhone 4 & iPhone 4S
    // change this to a portrait resolution (e.g. 640x960) for games in portrait mode
    width: 960
    height: 640
    EntityManager {
        id: entityManager
        entityContainer: scene

        // required for LevelEditor, so the entities can be created by entityType
        dynamicCreationEntityList: [ Qt.resolvedUrl("entities/Tree.qml") ]

    Scene {
        id: scene
        // the "logical size" - the scene content is auto-scaled to match the GameWindow size
        // change this to 320x480 for games in portrait mode
        width: 480
        height: 320

        gridSize: scene.height/9

        //        BackgroundImage {
        //            source: "img/forestground.png"
        //            anchors.fill: parent
        //        }

        Tree {
            column: 0
            row: 0

        Tree {
            column: 1
            row: 0
        Tree {
            column: 0
            row: 8

        Tree {
            column: 12
            row: 8

        // state: "levelEditing" enables dragging and clicking of obstacles
        // change the state in the next line to start in levelEditing mode:
        state: "playing" //state: "levelEditing"

        onStateChanged: {
            if(state === "levelEditing") {

        function stopGame() { //needs to be modified in actual game ^^
            // remove all entities of type "tree", but not the walls

        LevelEditor {
            id: levelEditor
            toRemoveEntityTypes: [ "tree" ]
            toStoreEntityTypes: [ "tree" ]

        Column {
            anchors.right: parent.right

            spacing: 5

            SimpleButton {
                text: scene.state === "playing" ? "Level Mode" : "Game Mode"
                onClicked: {
                    if(text === "Level Mode")
                        scene.state = "levelEditing"
                        scene.state = "playing"

                anchors.right: parent.right

            BuildEntityButton {
                visible: scene.state === "levelEditing"
                toCreateEntityType: "entities/Tree.qml"

                width: 50
                height: 50
                anchors.right: parent.right

                // the obstacle is just a grey entity, we can customize the look of the button here
                Rectangle {
                    color: "purple"
                    anchors.fill: parent


I replaced the image with and Rectangle and commented the part with the background-image.

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