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I’m not an expert by any stretch, but I’ve had a quick look – I guess you’ve tried the basic options within Tools > Options… ? Under ‘Environment’, there is UI Colour and in ‘Text Editor’ you can change the Colour Scheme or font. I just tried the Colour Scheme (e.g. dark), and the odd thing for me is Qt Creator just changes the colour scheme in the editing area and nowhere else (which is inconsistent). I’m using v3.

Speaking of all this, I have some general comment about Qt Creator. I guess it’s not a new observation. Personally I’m ok with the general styling/function of the editor, but it seems to only allow one QML file open at a time, which I think is a bit annoying or limiting. I like the ‘Component Navigator’ drop-down at the top, but I somehow feel this is better served out on its own perhaps at the side (oops: I see this is possible by splitting the side window & selecting ‘Outline’). Sometimes the autocomplete doesn’t always work – I think this is when entering Javascript in QML. I’ve already mentioned about the noisy messages. I’m not wrapped in the way the MinGW-Debug build outputs are placed as a folder alongside all my other source project folders (just causes clutter, I probably just need to work out how to move build folders – ideally within the project folder would be neater I think).


Cheers, Michael.

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