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Hi Chris,

i modify the contentY property manually to scroll to a certain position (what works on QML renderer).


Here is my code:

Scene {
  id: highscoreScene
  Component.onCompleted: {
    flickable.contentY = image.height * 10 //should bring  the 10th item to the top of the visible area
    id: listModel
    // there will be generated about 50 items  dynamically
  Component {
    id: levelItemDelegate
      id: image
      height: 40
      width: rect.width
      source: "image.png"
  Flickable {
    id: flickable
    anchors.centerIn: parent
    width: (parent.width<column.width) ? parent.width : column.width
    height: (parent.height<column.height) ? parent.height : column.height
    contentWidth: column.width
    contentHeight: column.height
    flickableDirection: Flickable.VerticalFlick
    Column {
      id: column
      anchors.centerIn: parent
      Repeater {
        id: repeater
        model: listModel
        delegate: levelItemDelegate




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