OverviewV-Play 1 Supportevent associated with entering a scene › Reply To: event associated with entering a scene

OverviewV-Play 1 Supportevent associated with entering a scene › Reply To: event associated with entering a scene


Hi Chris

I am facing a minor misunderstanding with function call timing, and want to ask about when the following script: is called, i.e. (placed here for convenience)

            StateChangeScript {
                script: {

in relation to when other scripts in the objects within the actual game scene are called.

To try to explain my situation, I call a function gameScene.resetGame() above which initiates a bunch of game setups. Within resetGame() it calls a function in an external Javascipt (associated with that GameScene QML only) that initialises an array with character data I use later. Like so:

function resetGame() {
        // randomise the letters for buttons based on level no

Then in the GameScene I have some simplebutton with text that are assigned using an external JS function that pulls the character data I previously setup. Like so:

SimpleButton { id: btnLetter1; width: 50; height: 50; color: "#C9A582"; text: LetterLogic.getLetter(0); onClicked: postpendLetter(text) }

The problem is the char text for those simple buttons are coming up empty, even though I can see the data is being initialised, and that getter function is working.

The solution I have so far is taking out the text: assignment above, and putting it in the resetGame(), like so:

    function resetGame() {
        btnLetter1.text = LetterLogic.getLetter(0)

This works fine now, but I wonder why it’s not possible to do text: LetterLogic.getLetter(0) method which seems more intuitive? Maybe it’s a code process/order issue that I don’t see right now.

Cheers, Michael.

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