OverviewV-Play 1 SupportDisable Bounce on BoxCollider › Reply To: Disable Bounce on BoxCollider

OverviewV-Play 1 SupportDisable Bounce on BoxCollider › Reply To: Disable Bounce on BoxCollider


Here is my Baloon.qml, I am sorry, the code tag does not seem to work.

import QtQuick 1.1
import Box2D 1.0
import VPlay 1.0
import "../particles"

EntityBase {
  id: entity
  width: 20
  height: 25
  entityType: "baloon"
  property alias baloonImg: baloonImg
  BoxCollider {
    id: boxCollider
    bodyType: Body.Static
    width: baloonImg.width
    height: baloonImg.height
    // like this, an offset for the rotation could be set which is only applied for the collider, not for the entity!
    // rotation: 45
    anchors.centerIn: parent
    // set friction between 0 and 1
    fixture.friction: 0
    // restitution is bounciness
    fixture.restitution: 0
    // if you want to make objects fall faster, increase gravity (and not density)
    // with higher density, the player behaves differently at collisions as it is heavier
    fixture.density: 0
    fixture.onBeginContact: {
      var fixture = other;
      var body = other.parent;
      var component = other.parent.parent;
      var collidedEntityType = component.owningEntity.entityType;
      var collidingType = component.owningEntity.entityType;
      // play the collision sound when the box collides with anything, but not if the sound is already playing
      if(scene.collisionSoundsEnabled && !collisionSound.playing);
      if(collidingType === "dartarrow" ) {
  Image {
    id: baloonImg
    source: "../img/baloon_green.png"
    // this is the size compared to the scene size (480x320) - it will automatically be scaled when the window size is bigger than the scene
    // the image will automatically be scaled to this size
    width: 20
    height: 25
    // this is required to have the center in the middle of the enity and not the top left point as origin of the image
    anchors.centerIn: boxCollider
  // gets played at a collision
  Sound {
    id: collisionSound
    source: "../snd/boxCollision.wav"
  // this particle effect is played when colliding with an obstacle
  SmokeParticles {
    id: collisionParticleEffect

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