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OverviewV-Play 1 SupportAdMob › Reply To: AdMob

V-Play User

Now i tested on my iPhone 5s.

i get the Smartbanner on the right position (in testmode and livemode)

But if i want to user a Interstitial (FullScreen) the console (Xcode) says:

//    Jan 25 16:18:43 Noname-Corp GrumpyDude[14138] <Warning>: <Google>
//    Unable to set adSize property with kGADAdSizeInvalid.
//    Please use one of the standard ad sizes or create a custom ad size using GADAdSizeFromCGSize.

my AdMob Item:

    AdMob {
        id: admob
        publisherId: admobFullScreenPublisherId
        testDeviceId: admobTestDeviceId
        banner: system.debugBuild ? 0 : AdMob.None
        onInterstitialReady: {

        onFailedToLoadInterstitial: {
            nativeUtils.displayMessageBox("Interstitial not loaded!")
            console.log("Interstitial not loaded!")

        onFailedToLoadAd: {
            nativeUtils.displayMessageBox("Banner not loaded!")
            console.log("Banner not loaded!")

Can anyone help me with that problem?




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