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OverviewV-Play 1 SupportQueries on mobile › Re: Queries on mobile

V-Play Team

Hi Mark,
thanks for your interest in V-Play! We like QtCreator and QML very much as well, and believe this combination is one of the most powerful programming environments out there.

Regarding your queries:
1.) Are you planning on offering local builds for mobile platforms?
Yes we are! We are currently working on providing public templates for XCode and Eclipse which allow you to build your apps/games locally. This also allows custom native extension development. Please feel free to contact us and we can provide you with early access to the templates and instructions how to set up the tool chain.

Are the graphics hardware accelerated with OpenGL ES 2.0 on all the mobile platforms?
Yes they are hardware-accelerated on iOS & Android as well as on Win, Mac & Linux. On these platforms we are using a custom accelerated renderer based on OpenGL ES 1.1. It features performance optimizations like sprite batching for minimum draw calls or resolution-dependent texture loading. We are planning to use this accelerated renderer on Symbian & Meego as well – please add this feature request to the roadmap post in the forum if this is a priority for you!

Are you using parts of Qt?
That’s a yes again, we are using QML & Qt as the underlying technology. On top of that we built the accelerated renderer, the gaming-specific components and the native platform extensions for iOS & Android. We have evaluated the licensing issues very carefully and found the following solution:

Application code can use LGPL v2.1 as long as the object files are provided online. That includes statically linked libraries of Qt and our engine for iOS. To make this process seamless for our users, we archive the object files for the final release builds with our build servers. In case you build your applications locally, you would need to archive the final release builds online. It is still possible to use the commercial Qt license if that is no option.

As we wanted to be sure of this, we sent an app to review to Apple which got approved without any troubles!

I hope that answers your queries, and if you have any further questions feel free to ask!


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