OverviewV-Play 1 SupportPerformance: spritesheets and particles › Re: Performance: spritesheets and particles

OverviewV-Play 1 SupportPerformance: spritesheets and particles › Re: Performance: spritesheets and particles

V-Play Team

Hi Chris,
I really appreciate your posts – challenging and it shows you are making good progress with your game! :)

You are right, we did not support changing the z value of sprites from spritesheets at runtime – until now! We just added this functionality to the latest version and now you can change the z value of a parent item (in your case the Entity) dynamically and the sprite will be reordered correctly.

Please test this functionality with the latest build, available temporarily here:

If everything works for you as expected, we will integrate it into the next release, which should be released in about 1-2 weeks. In the meantime, it will not work on the build server as well, before we did not test it locally with your use-case.

Regarding your particle performance issue:
As the documentation is saying about the maxParticles property:

The maximum number of particles that get created during their particleLifespan. The emissionRate is calculated based on this property.

Note: Particles do have a performance impact. Try to use as few particles as possible to achieve a good-looking result and test the performance on the mobile devices.

In your case, you modified the emissionRate, particleLifeSpan AND maxParticles. Please only modifiy 2 of these properties, favoribly the maxParticles and particleLifespan props. We recommend to set maxParticles to values lower than 100, because usually you do not get any visual improvements by setting it higher! However, please test these settings on your desktop first and then set it to a value that still suits your visual requirements. It is then essential to test the particle effects also on mobile devices (as you did), because particle performance is much worse on mobiles than on desktop platforms!

To assist you with this testing, we are working on improvements of the ParticleEditor, so you can test the impact of particle property changes directly on your device! This will also be added in the next release.

Here are some more tipps to make the smoke particles appear bigger:

  • Increase the startSize to values around 20, so your effect looks “fuller”
  • Make the startcolor darker, by decreasing the startColor values for red, green and blue to values around 0.2

Cheers, and I can’t wait to test your game!

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