OverviewV-Play 1 SupportFound Bug? (EntityManager) › Re: Found Bug? (EntityManager)

OverviewV-Play 1 SupportFound Bug? (EntityManager) › Re: Found Bug? (EntityManager)


Hi everyone,

maybe i stumbled upon the same / a related problem with the EntityManager as I get a similar Warning when trying to delete a dynamically created entity. The following source creates an entity and removes it after two seconds. Afterwards a fresh entity is created and so on.


import VPlay 1.0
import QtQuick 1.1
import Box2D 1.0 // for accessing the Body.Static type

GameWindow {
  activeScene: scene
  width: 960
  height: 640

  EntityManager {
    id: entityManager
    entityContainer: scene
  Scene {
    id: scene
    width: 480
    height: 320

    function killCrate(){


    function spawnCrate(){
      var xPos = Math.random() * scene.width
      xPos = Math.max(50, Math.min(scene.width - 50, xPos))
      var yPos = 50

      var props = {
        x: Math.max(50, Math.min(scene.width - 50, Math.random() * scene.width)),
        y: 50,
        width: 30,
        height: 30
      var crate = entityManager.createEntityFromUrlWithProperties(Qt.resolvedUrl("Crate.qml"), props);


    function displayNumCrates(){
      var crates = entityManager.getEntityArrayByType("crate")
        debugText.text = crates.length

    Component.onCompleted: {
      id: creationTimer
      interval: 10
      onTriggered: scene.spawnCrate()
      repeat: false
      running: false

      id: deletionTimer
      interval: 2000
      onTriggered: scene.killCrate()
      repeat: true
      running: false

    PhysicsWorld {
      id: physicsWorld
      height: parent.height
      updatesPerSecondForPhysics: 60
      velocityIterations: 5
      positionIterations: 5
      gravity.y: -0.81
      running: true
    }// physicsWorld

    Rectangle {
      id: backgroundRectangle
      anchors.fill: parent
      color: "grey"
      z: -10

    Text {
      id: debugText
      anchors.right: parent.right
      width: 50
      height: 10
      color: "red"

  } // scene


import QtQuick 1.1
import VPlay 1.0
import Box2D 1.0 // for accessing the Body.Static type

EntityBase {
  id: entityBase
  entityType: "crate"
  transformOrigin: Item.TopLeft

  BoxCollider {
    anchors.fill: parent
    bodyType: Body.Dynamic

    Rectangle {
      color: "black"
      anchors.fill: parent

The disease pattern:
Every second crate survives removeAllEntities(). In the top right corner the number of managed crates is displayed (always “1” although two crates are temporarily visible).

The workaround:
The problem seems to stem from the direct recreation of the entity after removing the previous one. As a workaround, you can try to change the killCrate() function to the following:


Now the new entity is created after a short pause and everything works as expected.

I hope the above showcases Hochi’s problem. Anyway the observed behavior is somehow strange…


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