OverviewV-Play 1 SupportFound Bug? (EntityManager) › Re: Found Bug? (EntityManager)

OverviewV-Play 1 SupportFound Bug? (EntityManager) › Re: Found Bug? (EntityManager)

V-Play Team

Hi Hochi,

I had a look at the EntityManager (EM) and did write a test for your described behavior. However, everything works as expected and I could not find any problems!?

Could you post the relevant source code that is not working as expected here please?

Without specifiying your own entityId, the EM should not post a warning about the id being already defined and not append a “_”.It only does that, if you manually set the same entityId. And if your provided one already exists, it will change the id so it is unique.

This is the example I used:

      SimpleButton {
        text: "add normal"
        onClicked: {
          var newEntityProperties = {
            x: Math.random()*scene.width,
            y: Math.random()*scene.height,
            rotation: Math.random()*360,
            // NOTE: if an entityId is set explicitly, the entityManager will try to set it to this id
            // however, when the entityId already exists in the entityManager, a "_" will be appended
            // thus always retrieve the entityId after a call to createEntity...()
            entityId: "entityNormal"

          var entityId = entityManager.createEntityFromUrlWithProperties(Qt.resolvedUrl("EntityNormal.qml"),newEntityProperties);
          console.debug("created entity with id:", entityId)

      SimpleButton {
        text: "remove normal"
        onClicked: {

          // when 3 entities are added, and all of them got set the entityId set to "entityNormal", they are removed correctly here


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