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OverviewV-Play 1 SupportBoxCollider › Re: BoxCollider

V-Play Team

That’s a very good question!

The problem is, that after disabling the MouseArea, no onReleased gets called so you cannot re-enable it at that time. So I think it may be better to not disable it, but instead set the to another (temporary) item, and in onReleased set it back to your entity.

The code would look something like that:

import VPlay 1.0
import QtQuick 1.1

EntityBase {
  id: entity

  MouseArea {
    id: mouseArea
    anchors.fill: parent entity

    onReleased: {
      // set it to the entity again, so it can be re-dragged = entity

  Item {
    // this gets only used to avoid dragging the entity when a collision occured
    id: temporaryDragTarget

  BoxCollider {
    // ... your boxCollider information here ...

    fixture.onBeginContact: {
      // avoid dragging further, when a collision was reached = temporaryDragTarget


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