OverviewV-Play 2 Support (Qt 5)No sound on iPad › Reply To: No sound on iPad

OverviewV-Play 2 Support (Qt 5)No sound on iPad › Reply To: No sound on iPad


Actually, it is a little bit of a trap for “young players”  (not that I’m actually young).

The iPad has a little button at the top-right-rear, which is “Silence Ringer”.     When you switch it, it says “Ringer Silent”.

Well…. unbeknown to me, that button silences the game sound as well as notifications.

I do recall switching that switch “on” when I first got the device, because at that time it was for my parents, and they didn’t want to be getting rings (they weren’t expecting any anyhow).

When I got no sound from my game, I tried other ways of getting sound: I went to YouTube for example.   That still works even with the “silence” button on, which is why I thought it was the “game’s fault” that there was no sound.

The other day, I noticed that button again for some reason and a light bulb dinged on….


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