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Okay, I tried today to build the application on a different system. I installed the complete developer environment again (Qt, Android SDK, NDK, JDK etc.), this time on Windows (before i used Mac). Since Alex said previously “we unfortunately can’t reproduce the issue with our test projects and the integration guide”, I was thinking maybe there is something wrong with my build environment.

So after installing and updating everything I downloaded the chartboost demo from github and tried to deploy it on my Samsung S3 mini. I get the same error as I did on OS X:

F/libc    (11868): Fatal signal 11 (SIGSEGV) at 0x006e0067 (code=1), thread 11929 (hartboostSample)
"net.vplay.plugins.ChartboostSample" died.


Does charboost work for you? I’ve tried everything but I cant get it to work.


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