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Hi Chris.
I’m now getting the the same error with old chartboost.jar. I think the error is not only related to the chartboost version. I did not have this error before i updated chartboost plugin today. The demo plugin was running once and then when running it again without changing the code it fails to run. I redownloaded the project from github to make sure i didnt change something by accident but, I get the same error. During my tests most of the time the demo project fails to run, but so far the deployment on device was successful randomly two times. I have not managed to recreate the scenario when build was successful. I’ve tried to restart phone, qt creator, laptop, remove application, build folder, project, but no luck so far. The strange thing is that it works sometimes but most of the time not, without changing the code. Here is what i get, now using chart boost demo directly from github:

D/libEGL  ( 8931): loaded /system/lib/egl/
D/OpenGLRenderer( 8931): Enabling debug mode 0
F/libc    ( 8931): Fatal signal 11 (SIGSEGV) at 0x80000019 (code=1), thread 8983 (hartboostSample)

"net.vplay.plugins.ChartboostSample" died.



Do you have the same problem?

– Mathias

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